Street Race : R32 GT-R vs R35 GT-R


R32 GTR with 2.8L and N1's @ 1.3 bar. Stock R35 GTR.

The R32 needs something bigger than N1's to beat an R35 GT-R. Something closer to some 2530's or 2860-5's.

This was going to be a GT-R vs GT-R race, but 2008 R35 vs 1989 R32. An American guy had a very nice GT-R he’d built which is pretty quick and he was keen to run against the new GT-R. Everyone was expecting a pretty close race as they lined up. The R32 got a slight jump at the launch, but that was about as far as it got ahead. The R35 caught it in 2nd gear and easily pulled away up to about 3-4 cars by the time it reached its limiter.

Source: Big in Japan Blog


Anonymous said...

Agreed. N1's are too small on a 2.8. GT-RS or 2530's are my preference.

Sean Morris said...

Jeffs R32 is a 2.8 with GTRS. It does pretty well. Although the GTRS are surge monsters.

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for linking through to my blog about this. One surprising thing about that race was that an S14 that was following them was actually gaining on them pretty quickly.

There's a 900whp R32 here in Okinawa that wants to race him and would in all likelihood leave him in smoke. Think my Evo against the R35 would be a decent race, and am hoping it can be arranged.

Sean Morris said...

Well a stock R35 GT-R is about 120 mph in the quarter. With a good launch, the new car will turn consistent 11's in the quarter. Thats a lot faster than an older car.

In December I ran an R32 GT-R at IDRC. 2.8 liter , GT-RS turbos . 635 rwhp .

You can check out a few of my videos from there. Some cars here in the US. We don't have too many GT-R's in the US.

Pro video from the event -

A real 900 hp R32, should be a low 10 second or 9 second car, on a tire, with a good driver.

An Evo , depends on what you have. GT35R , or big boost on the stock turbo, you will give it a run. Although its not too hard to make the R35 run low 11's.

Anonymous said...

N1s on a 2.8L, must spool like crazy!

Anonymous said...

Sean Morris - the problem is, and what a lot of people don't take into account, is the road surface here in Okinawa. The vast majority of roads are coral-based, which gives them much less grip than roads in other countries. A lot of people come to Okinawa, thinking they have quick cars, and then get eaten up by seemingly much smaller fish due to the fact they didn't know about the conditions.

As I said in the original article, the R35 has made low 11s passes on prepped tracks which means in Okinawa it will probably have a mid-to-high 11s 1/4 mile run. I've made 11.68s about 6 months ago on the street surfaces here and since then have knocked 0.11s off my time in the 1/8 mile which should get me down to 11.5s or below for the 1/4.

As for the 900whp R32, it probably would be a sub-10s car on a prepped track but that's something we don't have the luxury of in Okinawa

Sean Morris said...

60 foot, or launch is very important. If the road surface sucks, then its even more important.

We did a test years ago with Sport Compact Car. Four wheel drive shootout. We ran an R33 GT-R , all wheel drive Audi , Subaru WRX , Evo , all on a wet track and tested 0-60 times. It was the event where Cobbs Subaru ran into a water truck.

The cars were still decently quick on a wet surface. Now I just have to find it.

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