Stillen starts work on a Nissan GT-R for Targa Newfoundland

Stillen has started on work on a Nissan GT-R they are going to run in the Targa Newfoundland September 12-19,2009.

The car is being prepared at here at STILLEN in Costa Mesa, CA. To prepare for the rally we have a long list of modifications to make. Some of these modifications are to be kept top secret, others are very exciting and we just can’t contain ourselves. Some of the modifications will be:

Lightening - We will be removing as much weight as possible from the car. This will include, lighter racing seats, light weight dry carbon fiber body panels, and more.

Performance - With a long list of performance parts including but not limited to performance exhaust, intercoolers, tuning, and more we hope to gain A LOT more power from this already impressive car.

Braking - This one is kind of top secret but still noteworthy. Let’s just say that AP Racing and STILLEN are working on something very special that will blow a lot of people away.

Suspension - The corners of the car will be shrouded in secrecy but we have plans for shock upgrades as well as adjustable sway bars.

Stillen weighed their car and came up with 3900 lbs with a full tank of gas. The GT-R is no lightweight. The picture here is the passenger seat , nearly 60 lbs. A good lightweight racing seat should be about 1/4 of that weight. Follow along on their blog or here for more information and updates.

Source : Stillen Blog 1 , Stillen Blog 2

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