Switzer Performance Extracts 626 Wheel Horsepower.

Switzer Performance has been working on upgrades to a Nissan GT-R over the last several months. They recently had their upgraded GT-R on the dyno, and a video is below.

There upgrades include new turbochargers , and intercoolers.

These new turbochargers utilize Garrett GT ball-bearing center sections and custom compressor wheels with the most applicable aero profile for this combination. These turbos not only produce the airflow needed to meet our performance targets, they also offer the best intial and transient boost response as well. This is hugely important for road course and street use. Along with the intercooler and plumbing package we have developed, this combination has the best thermal capacity we have produced on a platform to date. Our pressure drop through the entire system was less than .05 psi... virtually no pressure drop. While the cores can flow up to 1057hp worth of air, we are experiencing no loss in response from the combination. During our 4th gear runs on the dyno, our charge air temps would rise only 1 degree F max. Now that's efficiency!

Source : Switzer Performance Blog

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g00kb0i said...

yah.... i always get the two mixed up.... attesa is the 4wd and hicas is the 4ws... same bs :p... so went by RB a few times... was wierd not seeing you there... i know youve been out of there a while ago but juss wierd not seeing you paying with gtr's.... well, im sure ur still paying withe them but u get the picture... hope all is good in the hood... i think ima end up keeping my junk and going -10's... surge is my friend...

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