Flicker - Nissan's Blackbox in the GT-R

Warranty.  In the age of computers, computer tuning, Cobb Accessports, and aftermarket modifications, Nissan's way of checking up on the consumer is called Flicker. One owner asked if there would ever be an undetectable ECU modification available for the GT-R.  Obviously Nissan wants you to keep the car stock, to cut down on warranty claims. The consumer wants to try and have their cake and eat it too. They want to make more horsepower, and still be covered by the warranty.  NAGTROC discussion on an undetectable ECU.

The general consensus is that the Flicker module is there to collect data, so it is unlikely to be able to be overwritten or altered.

In comparison to the sort of security I would envisage putting into something like this (I wouldn't even make it field reflashable), the access to the ECM/TCM is almost an open door as that is very much designed to be updated in the field.

All this is speculation, but despite the potential legal problems, if you put people on this to work at it, you could potentially throw tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars down a blind alley.

In life, there are a lot of people that want something for nothing, and this is one of those cases.  If you modify the car, if you abuse the car, you need to be prepared for the consequences. If you leave the car stock, then the warranty will remain intact.  If you try and double the horsepower, Nissan shouldn't have to pay for driveline parts not designed to see that much power.  The 2012 GT-R is supposed to offer over 500 hp, and it will come with a warranty.


Jeff C said...

That's how I always think and I always find it hilarious that people expect the warranty should cover everything that is done outside of the original design spec. If you want a 1000 hp car with a factory warranty, you have to buy a Veyron.

Sean Morris said...

Very good point Jeff. If you want to do 1000hp and have a warranty, then have a million set aside.

Jeff C said...

I can't believe all these educated adult who can afford a GTR don't understand that is cheating, robbery, down right criminal to ask for Nissan to pay for something you break yourself. I understand it for STi/EVO owners, most of them are dumb kids, but GTR owners.....come on....I guess some of them are kids too.

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