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Awesome sequence shot from the Spectre Speed Report

The Spectre Speed Report posted up its race recap from the 341 Challenge, and included a driver profile of Steve Millen.  Steve drove the STILLEN R35 targa GT-R on the 5.2 mile , 22 turn road course, finishing 2nd overall.

World famous race car driver Steve Millen gives us a tour of his Stillen Nissan GT-R rally car at the Spectre 341 Challenge in Virginia City, Nevada. The Stillen #10 car was one of the fastest competitors at the event and and Steve is now a member of the exclusive 3:41 Club.
Check out the video below for a walk around on the Nissan GT-R.

Mark Gillies in a Viper ACR did the quickest "unoffical" time as he was on 80 treadwear tires.

"The car shows up with 80 tread-wear tires, and for this, our first inaugural event, we had spec’d a 100 tread-wear minimum. We decide to let him run in an exhibition class, and what an exhibition it was! A 3:19."

Lou Gigliotti finished officially in first place in his modified ZR1. 

"The official First Place, with a time of 3:21 goes to Lou Gigliotti in his super bad 2010 Corvette ZR1, bristling with all sorts of LG Motorsports parts..."
Steve Millen finished in 2nd place in the STILLEN GT-R. The GT-R was running stock wheels and tires, and the very next day was taken back to LA for its trip to New Zealand for the Dunlop Targa Rally.

Second place for 2010, with a time of 3:22, goes to Steve Millen. Yes, that Steve Millen, of IMSA, LeMans and Pikes Peak fame and owner of the super parts company Stillen.

In 2002 Amir Rosenbaum set the "all time" record in a modified Ferrari F40.  Its interesting they are even using this number to compare this years numbers, as the F40 was on slicks aka race tires. In the previous runnings of the event, lots of the quickest cars were running slicks.

In 2002, after 13 years of running the hill, I set an all time record of 3:10 in my not so highly modified Ferrari F40. Everyone thought it was highly modified. OK, we ran a cheater hose from the waste gates to fool them into thinking the car was at sea level, which increased the boost a little. That’s about it. The secret to running so fast? It’s all in the intangibles……..

Source: Spectre Speed Report

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