COBB Tuning SF Intakes for Nissan GT-R

PRODUCTION UPDATE: COBB Tuning has determined that the polished aluminum finish on these intakes does not meet our standards for durability. The GT-R SF Intakes will receive a powder-coat finish which will be significantly more resistant to scratching and scuffing. Please provide your feedback regarding your powder coating color of preference in the GT-R SF Intake Color Survey. This will delay the availability of the SF Intake until they are refinished. The new color will be announced shortly.

COBB Tuning's popular SF intake system is now available for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Constructed of polished 2.75-inch diameter aluminum tubing with K&N dry-fabric, cone filter elements and 3-ply silicone couplers; the SF Intake System is easy to install and requires no special tuning.

Increased Power

The COBB Tuning SF Intake removes a pre-turbo restriction in the stock intake system. Power gains become more pronounced at higher boost pressures. This dyno graph shows the power gain across the rev range at 17 psi simply by installing this intake.

Easy to Install

The COBB Tuning SF Intake was designed to be easy to install without having to modify your car or remove the bumper skin. Installation requires no cutting or trimming or removal of the bumper skin or bumper support and can be completed with simple hand tools. Simply remove the stock airbox and bolt the SF intake into place in just minutes!

No Calibration Needed

The SF Intake for the R35 GT-R has been painstakingly designed to eliminate the need for a specific intake calibration. This intake is 100% compatible with the stock calibration as well as all Off the Shelf AccessPORT maps.

Increased Induction Sound

Enjoy the increased snort and snarl from your GT-R with the addition of the COBB Tuning SF Intake system. Turbocharger induction noise and bypass valve venting sound is now louder thanks to the new this intake system! Don’t just look the part, sound like it too!

The COBB Tuning SF Intake system comes with everything you need to improve the performance potential of your R35 GT-R. Add the COBB Tuning Silicone Intercooler Hose Kit to complete your engine’s intake system to enhance your car’s under-hood appeal!

Available from STILLEN for $695

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