STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit - Front and Rear for Nissan GT-R R35

The much anticipated STILLEN Nissan GT-R Brake Cooling Kit has been released and priced. The Nissan GT-R is a heavy factory car that while having some of the largest and most sophisticated brakes on a factory automobile, is still lacking in a for track use.

The front lip, undertray, and fender liner of the R35 have caused problems when trying to direct air at the caliper and rotor to cool them. The active cooling fans draw air from under hood, and force it at the rotors and calipers. This is not a passive ducting cooling solution, that makes compromises in order to clear the front mounted caliper, and the front axles. There are aerodynamic, and cooling benefits from drawing air from under the hood.

STILLEN is proud to offer an active brake cooling option for R35 GT-R owners looking to improve track times and lower brake temperatures. These kits are for use with both traditional iron rotors, as well as the STILLEN Carbon Ceramic Matrix Brake Kit.

During the development of the STILLEN GT R Targa rally car Team STILLEN worked very closely with the engineers at AP Racing to develop the first aftermarket Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit in the world. One of the key components of that kit was brake cooling. Carbon Ceramic Brakes have an ideal operating temperature range where they perform at their best. Carbon Ceramic Brakes work well when cold however their true performance shines through during repeated hard, high temperature braking. However, there is a temperature threshold which should not be exceeded. During the development of the kit the engineers at AP Racing asked what we would be doing for brake cooling. We were open to all input from AP and their instructions were to use external fans directing air to the rotors and calipers. They said regardless how hot the air is coming off the engine, it's a lot cooler than the heat coming off the rotors.

To test the performance of the STILLEN Active Brake Cooling Kit, we went to El Toro Air Force Base with temperature sensors on each rotor and caliper.
We performed the tests with the active cooling on one side of the car, and not the other. We performed a series of 140-0 runs as well as laps around our test track. We also put temperature sensor stickers on each caliper that act just like temperature paint for the rotor. As the temperature of the caliper increases it burns off parts of the sticker so we know how hot the caliper is running. After all of the data was collected and analyzed we determined that with this brake cooling kit we successfully reduced rotor
temperatures by over 200 degrees.

The front brake cooling kit consists of a weather resistant electric fan, mounting brackets, wiring kit and switch, and poly-urethane air diversion splitter. The rear brake cooling kit consists of poly urethane air scoops which take advantage of the factory naca ducts in the belly pan, accordion tube, polyurethane air funnel and mounting bracketry.

The STILLEN brake cooling kit is going to be offered as a separate front and rear kit. During our testing we also found that with the VDC off, the rear brake cooling isn't 100% necessary. Because brakes work better with a bit of heat in them we prefer to leave the brake cooling kit off of the car when Steve Millen drives because he does not utilize the VDC control system. If you are like 99% of the owner's of GT-R's you more than likely utilize the VDC function and therefore we recommend the rear brake cooling system.

These kits, while developed to aid in the necessary cooling for the Carbon Ceramic Brake setup, this kit is also extremely effective in lowering caliper/rotor temperatures for both stock iron rotor setups, as well as the AP Racing iron rotor upgrades.

The STILLEN targa GT-R has been using this active cooling solution for the last year. From the Targa Newfoundland, to the Spectre 341 Challenge, and the upcoming Dunlop Targa in New Zealand.

GTR308395- STILLEN Front Brake Cooling Kit - GT-R on sale currently for $495

GTR308396 - STILLEN Rear Brake Cooling Kit - GT-R on sale currently for $325

The rear brake cooling kit is recommended if you use VDC on the track. VDC applies and releases the rear brakes to control the angle of the vehicle.

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