2012 Nissan GT-R : DBA-R35

DBA-R35?  You probably were not aware but the current chassis code of the “R35” is actually CBA-R35. The 2012 US(2011 Japan) Nissan GT-R gets a new chassis designation – DBA-R35.  Tekknikal from NAGTROC wrote an excellent post explaining some of the new changes for the DBA.  Head over to NAGTROC for the full post.
Some of the changes for 2012
  • Chassis reinforcement in the strut towers
  • Chassis reinforcement under the dashboard
  • New spring rates and dampers
  • New suspension geometry
  • 390mm brake rotors, up 10mm from the CBA-R35
  • ABS and VDC upgrades
  • Engine power up to 500+hp
  • New tire options
  • New lighter wheels
  • New fuel save mode
  • Launch control 4 (4,000 rpm)
  • 2 wheel drive mode
  • Front bumper changes
  • Rear diffuser changes
  • Seat redesign
  • New colors
More information will be available over the next few days, and the full official specifications should be released in October.



ghozi said... car..just wanna have one..

Nissan engine said...

that was really beautiful interior designings car look amazing!!

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