Brake Pad Spring for Anti-Knockback and Noise Quieting

While looking though the 2011 Nissan GT-R Owners manual, I came across this section about the brake pad and a retaining spring to combat pad knockback.


The information and specifications in this section apply only when engaging in performance driving.

NISSAN recommends adding an additional cross spring to the front calipers before engaging in performance driving. The additional spring reduces brake pad movement resulting from cornering forces and will reduce the stroke of the brake pedal.

Contact a GT-R certified NISSAN dealer to purchase the spring and arrange installation.

A few members from NAGTROC stated that they installed the extra spring, based on Nissan tech recommendations, to combat a ticking noise that came from the front wheels/brakes. 

The extra spring does not appear to be an effective way to combat pad knockback.  It will help prevent the pad from rattling around, but not keep the pads in position if the wheel bearings flex enough to push the brake pads back. It would seem to be a better anti noise feature, than a performance driving feature.

AP Racing Calipers have a few features to combat brake pad knockback. They include special seal designs, and springs behind the pistons to keep the brake pads up against the rotors. 

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