Racecar Engineering : Nissan GT-R GT1

This is from last months issue, but I just picked the issue up off the newsstand.  The V8 is not my favorite way to see a Nissan GT-R raced, but it is how Nissan has seen some success with its racing platforms within the Super GT, and now GT1 rules.


Featured in the Volume 20, number 8 issue is the Sumo Power GT1 R35 GT-R.  The V8 engine is a VK56DE, putting out about 600 hp in accordance with the rules.  The body shell is based on the production car, but it  has a lot of tricks to bring it down to 1250 kg total.  Nismo ditched the VR38DETT, and the all wheel drive, and replaced it with the V8 and a Ricardo transaxle. The clutch is a 5.5 inch AP racing triple plate, brake are Brembo carbon.

Check out the magazine for the full technical specifications and pictures.

Source: Racecar Engineering.

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