2009 Model Year Japan Changes : Series II

Nothing is ever perfect right ? Always can be upgraded ? Nissans first stance on the GT-R was there was no need for the aftermarket. They have made some changes, price increases for the 2009 model year in Japan. From GT-R Blog here and here.The first round of things that were getting some changes were an increase in rated power to 485 ps. This I am sure is not due to any actual changes, just they find that 485 is closer to what the engines actually put out. They don't need to advertise the car as exactly the same power as the 911 turbo anymore, as the 911 is getting upgrades.

The Brembo calipers are going to be rebadged to Nissans. I heard a while ago they were going to get Akebono brakes. A price increase and a brake downgrade ? Maybe they are still Brembos, but with Nissan tags. This will be sorted when we see the actual cars.

Fuel tank capacity and fuel economy both increase slightly. They say the tank has increased in size to 73.8 liters, or about 19 1/2 gallons. The US cars were listed all along with 19.5 gallon tanks. Some of the early press info I have says the car had a 18.75 gallon tank.

One other major part of the update due to be announced December 8th is a 10% price increase in Japan. The base model is up to 8,611,000 yen or about $89,500 more than $13,000 more than what they sell for in the US. Who says we always get the short end of the stick ? Maybe another US price increase in 6 more months ?

So what are the actual changes ? Stiffer brake hoses, the white has been changed to be inline with the white on the Z34(370Z).

The cost of the Super Silver paint is increasing. The color of the wheels is supposed to change slightly. They already had the wheels in two finishes. A silver for the base model, and a darker color for the premium and black editions in Japan. The black edition was not offered in the US. The black edition will be offered with the Dunlop Sport tires, with the Bridgestones as an option. The Dunlops are getting a new, quicker compound for 2009. I wonder if we will see any more Nurburgring runs ?

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