R35 GT-R on 18 inch Volk TE-37

From Nagtroc. With stock wheels and tires.
All trackdays were done at my local 2.3 mile track called Mid America Motorplex and my previous best on the street tires was 1:42.8 - We had over 50 cars at the track that day including Z06s, a modded GT3 Porsche and lots of other cool cars and I'm happy to say the GT-R ran the fastest time all day.
Switching to Pilot Sport Cups in an 18 inch
After switching to the 18" TE37s and R-comp tires (my only mod) I returned for one final session last weekend before they closed for the winter. Track temps were really cold and air temps were 34 degrees all day but I managed to better my time down to 1:39.7 which I'm very happy with considering what the Z06s run out here, heh. That's a full 3 seconds quicker on the r-comps, no other changes to the car besides maxing the front camber on the stock arms and re-setting toe to zero.

Who said the stock GT-R tires were real R compounds ?


Billy Lannom said...

That's my car :) Thanks for posting up Sean. The stock tires definately aren't R-comp. Whoever said that was crazy since I noticed the true difference between street tires and R-comp when I switched to the 18" TEs and Sport Cup R-comps (3 seconds should be enough to prove that, heh). Take care bud, Billy Lannom

BTW, racing season starting again soon, I'll try and give you more updates on the car's progression and new mods.

Sean Morris said...

The stock GT-R tires are sticky street tires, definitely not an R compound in what I call an R compound. What sizes and offsets are you running in the 18" ? Some people talk about trans temps with smaller tires, but I suspect they are running different OD front and rear.

Let me know about any updates. Check out my recent videos of the R32 GT-R I took out to Buttonwillow for West Coast 2.

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