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The Nissan GT-R is a fast car. It doesn't make excuses for being a fast car. It doesn't try to pretend it's a limousine or a minivan, a crossover or a commuter. It's exactly the automobile we've been asking for, a hard-bitten performance car.

It is not for crybabies.
Race cars for big boys that can handle some quirks. If you can't handle them, grab your vagina and get in your Camry.

The GT-R is a racing car for the street, not a 480-hp Lexus. Its eccentricities are part of the price you pay.

The only way the 2009 Nissan GT-R could be better would be if it, you know, occasionally caught on fire.

I like what Michael Jordan has to say. There are waviers that Nissan has the owners sign when they purchase a car. They are/were afraid that people would think that it was a Lexus. Its not. Its a real performance car. Its a car getting a hard time right now over a couple of failed transmissions, and a launch control that was not "officially" advertised, but the worst kept secret in the car world this year.

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Merritt Johnson Morris said...

I know a race team that can take care of that lack of occasionally catching on fire problem.

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