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COBB Tuning announces the release of AccessTUNER Pro v1.7 for the Nissan GT-R R35. This release marks the world’s first publicly available tuning software to create custom ECU calibrations for the extremely popular Nissan GT-R. Using AccessTUNER Pro v1.7, professional engine tuners can configure the GT-R ECU to extract maximum power from a given set of performance modifications. Professional engine tuners can create custom calibrations for vehicles with aftermarket intakes, exhausts, turbos, cams or any combination of performance modifications. The calibration is then flashed to the ECU via the AccessPORT handheld ECU flashing device, providing impressive power gains with all of the drive-ability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU.

AccessTUNER Pro puts control of vital engine parameters into the hands of the professional engine tuner, such as intake and exhaust cam timing, fuel, ignition, boost, boost limiter, engine rev limiter and speed limiter. Customizable data monitors let the tuner choose which channels are monitored to see how changes impact the behavior of the engine. The built-in datalogging capability captures data from multiple channels across the entire rev-range, allowing detailed data analysis after a dynamometer test. 3-D graphical mapping gives the tuner a comprehensive view of engine behavior across three axes to evaluate where performance can be maximized.

AccessTUNER Pro v1.7 is supported on Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit operating systems. The USDM 2009 GT-R and JDM 2008 GT-R are currently supported.

For more information on how to join the COBB Pro Tuner network and become one of the world’s first professional engine tuners of the mighty Nissan GT-R R35, please contact COBB Tuning Sales at (801) 713-0443 or send email to

Custom tunes coming up. Now they just need some more injector, more turbo, and good transmission control.

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