Spec V Specifications Confirmed

These are the "confirmed" rumors from GT-R Blog via GT-R The release date is set at January 8th, 2009 in Japan


* Engine output increased to 485 ps
* Transmission mode selection button has been removed
* Overboost button for increased midrange boost during overtaking
* Carbon brakes


* Carbon fiber MFD surround
* Carbon fiber mirror switch surround
* Black interior only
* Silver painted panels are now chrome
* Carbon fiber front seats (Recaro)
* Carbon fiber rear shelf replaces seats


* Carbon fiber grille painted matte clear
* Carbon fiber rear wing painted matte clear
* Carbon fiber ducts in front lip spoiler
* New color available: Ultimate Black Pearl, this is said to be a purplish black
* Available colors: Ultimate Black Pearl, Brilliant White (new for MY09), Red, Dark Metal Gray, Black

Wheels and Suspension:

* Rays 20″ Forged Aluminum Wheels
* Bilstein Damptronic suspension upgraded, superior in performance to the Nismo ClubSport package suspension

Optional Extras:

* Dunlop Tires (no cost option)
* Thatcham alarm system
* BOSE Sound System and ETC (Electronic Toll Card system)
* Ultimate Black Pearl Paint - a 577,500 yen option

The Bottom Line

* Base Price: 15,750,000 yen($165,422) excluding tax
* Fully Optioned: 16,978,500 yen($178 325) excluding tax

It is said to be 2 seconds a lap faster than a normal Series II GT-R at Sendai Raceway. And all that for only about two and a half times the price of a standard GT-R. I had heard rumors of the "push to pass" button like the Porsche overboost function. It is still unknown if this car will make it to the US market, or any other market. The price and maintenance requirements put it out of reach of the capabilities of most.

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Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have 550 hp or something like that.
But with this setup forget it.Double the price and just some aftermarket-parts includet and just minor improvement in performance.
I would buy stock and upgrade the car with the rest of the money.I think,that option works better.
I know this is a Nissan-webpage but i have to say it:Chevrolet did a better job with the ZR1.With this setup,the v-spec could have no chance.I hope we will get some times to compare.

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