2010 - No Launch Control in the US ?

There have been reports that the Nissan GT-R will not get launch control in Australia. Now the rumor is that the US 2010 GT-R will not have launch control. If this happens, the 0-60 times, and 1/4 mile times will undoubtedly increase. Increase enough to cause some issues I am sure. Like lots of things, I am sure an aftermarket solution for launch control can be figured out, but with the transmission issues that a few people are having, it may not be desired. I spoke of ways to handle the transmission "problem" that Nissan has been having recently. This was mentioned, but I don't think its the correct way to fix the problem.

If its going to happen, what are your thoughts on getting rid of launch control ?

This picture came from the NAGTROC forum on a thread about a broken GR6 transmission and an individual being denied his warranty claim.

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