Nissan Going Back to the Nurburgring With 2010 GT-R

Nissan is making plans to head back to the Nurburgring with a revised 2010(MY 2009 in Japan) Nissan GT-R. There are some minor changes with the 2010 car, and we get the feeling is that this may be enough to go under the Corvette ZR1's official time of 7:26.4.There was some buzz about a 7:22.4, but it was never substantiated. The Dodge Viper ACR did a 7:22.1, but we weren't impressed as that car is much closer to a race car you can purchase from a dealer than a street car. Porsche said they had problems duplicating Nissans time, so Nissan put out a explanation of their test procedures. A quicker time, will undoubtedly bring out the naysayers once again.
For 2010 the Nissan GT-R is getting a small power bump to 485 ps. A new compound Dunlop tire that is said to be quicker and quieter. Some suspension valving tweaks. This might all add up to a base vehicle that is quicker and faster than the 2009 MY GT-R.


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they wanted me to drive it but i have work that day so i had to decline

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nice post

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Thanks for that post! We are glad to find someone who puts a lot of thought into their blog instead of just throwing up a bunch of junk!

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