2014 Nissan GT-R : Squash Those Rumors

Road and Track Magazines Sam Mitani asked Kazutoshi Mizuno about the rumors that the R35 Nissan GT-R would be replaced in 2013.
R36-nissan-gtr 2014
2014 Nissan GT-R Rendering

“These reports that say we’re planning on producing a new-generation GT-R only five years after introducing the original, and that we’re going to make it a hybrid, are totally unfounded. I said when we introduced the GT-R that the car’s future will be decided in three years, and we are now entering that third year. Therefore, we’ve been too busy making sure that this GT-R makes a positive mark on the world to think about the next car,” he said.

So with that said, expect the R35 Nissan GT-R to be produced for a number of more years. The Nissan Skyline GT-R was produced from 1989-2002 with a very similar driveline, and configuration. With current emissions requirements it is unlikely that we will see the R35 go on that long, but a direct injection engine would bump horsepower, and also likely help out with emissions. The 997 gained about 50 hp going from conventional fuel injection to gasoline direct injection.  Another life cycle extender might be an additional gear in the transmission. Nissan has a bit of experience with the DSG GR6 transmission now, so another gear for both fuel economy and maintaining acceleration is possible.  The bench mark for the Nissan GT-R is going to be the Porsche 911 Turbo. Expect 911 performance, at a significantly lower cost.
The rumors floating around about the possible R36 say it might be based on the Infiniti Essence concept car. That car had a 3.7 liter 432 hp gasoline engine, and a 158 hp electric motor.
Infiniti Essence GTR Hybrid
Will this be the Nissan GT-R/ Infiniti GT-R hybrid system?

Source : Road and Track


Jeff C said...

You meant 1989-2002. Direct injection add 10% power. 911 Turbo performance at 1/2 price.

Sean Morris said...

Yes I did mean 1989-2002. I corrected it. The 911 has been more or less the same since 1963. Many more evolutions than revolutions with that car. I wouldn't say 1/2 the price, but you save some cash.

Jeff C said...

Pretty much 1/2 price, since the GTR come fully loaded at $83k now, but a base $130k 911 Turbo is barebone, I won't call it ghetto, but is embarrassing among all your Porsche friends for having a Turbo with no options. After you add all the very expensive necessary options to it like PDK, extra leather....even the little padel shifters cost $500 extra. A proper 911 Turbo is $150k~$160k. And that doesn't include the carbon brakes and carbon seats that a normal GTR doesn't have. Mods and replacement OEM parts cost more on the Porsche too.

Jeff C said...

I just want to know if Nissan will add direct injection and variable valve timing to the exhaust side. Those things make a big difference and you can't retrofit them to an older model. I would guess displacement is not going to increase since 3.8 is already huge for a V6.

Sean Morris said...

I would say that Nissan would have to be looking at direct injection. They do have DI versions of the VQ in Japan. Nothing in the US. DI is fairly complicated, and it seems like Nissan is focusing more on its electric cars than gasoline cars.

I think its possible to see some more displacement. 3.8 is big, but the new P car race car-ALMS cars are 4.0 liters. There is no replacement for displacement and technology together.

If 480 hp and 3800 lbs in the R35 could cover 480 hp and 3400 lbs in the 911 Turbo before, what is it going to take the R35 to cover the 500 hp 911 Turbo, or the 530hp 911 Turbo S ?

Jeff C said...

DI is complicated, but is already been done for a while now, even a few OEM turbo cars has it, the 335i, 750i and the new turbo Sonata, so I am sure if Nissan want to, it can already be on the VR motor.

Yeah the GT3 Cup is 4.0L, I was surprised by that, I was guessing 3.8 was the biggest they can go with their flat 6, I guess not! There is no replacement for displacement FOR SURE! Displacement always works, technology just helps it, a huge turbo need displacement to spool it up.

The 997 Turbo is not that light, they are always about 3550~3600. Well the VR38 makes 480 hp with only 10 psi, so Nissan only have to bump the boost a little to get 500~530 hp. It will be fun to see what they will do. I really hope DI would make it, it helps in everything, you can bump the compression ratio, bump the boost....more power, more spool, flatter torque curve, better gas mileage for the government, it is good for everything!

ztiffler zoo said...

this is the real super sport car engine.i like it the performance of GTR

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