Dunlop Targa Rally New Zealand - STILLEN GT-R Ready

The STILLEN Targa Nissan GT-R is prepared to compete in the Dunlop Targa Rally from October 25th -30th, 2010. In addtion to the STILLEN GT-R driven by Steve Millen, four other Nissan GT-R's will compete in this years event.  The rally takes place on closed public roads in the North Island of New Zealand. Over the 5 days of competition, the cars will compete in 712.7 km (442 miles) of closed stages, and a total of 1464 km (909 miles) of stages.  This kind of event tests a car, driver, and crew to its fullest potential. 

After the Targa Newfoundland in 2009, the STILLEN GT-R showed up everywhere from SEMA in Las Vegas to the Spectre 341 challenge in Nevada. Follow the event at the STILLEN blog and on the Targa New Zealand website.

At the end of June Steve and the crew competed in the Spectre 341 Hillclimb Challenge and just two days after competing loaded the car in a container and sent it on its way to New Zealand.  The car needed to leave a little earlier than normal this year because it was going to be the feature vehicle of the largest automotive show in New Zealand.  With a great showing at Speed Show and a few magazine’s writing stories about the car Steve came home and began the work out routine to keep himself in shape for competition.  He also began working closely with his new navigator and letting him know what he was looking for and what he wanted to hear.  This year Steve is throwing Philip Adamson in the passenger seat of the GT-R for the navigator duties.  Philip has co-driven in Targa events before and has some experience in what the driver needs to hear.  Good luck Philip!
Source: STILLEN Blog

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