Speedbleeders For Nissan R35 GT-R

Bleeding brakes is a necessary hassle. Brake fluid dead heads in the caliper, and slowing the car down turns kinetic energy into heat.  That heat is transferred though the brake pads to the calipers, and from the caliper pistons to the brake fluid.  In a perfect world, brake fluid would never change state, and you would always have brake fluid acting upon the piston in the caliper.  We don't live in a perfect world, rather the real one. At some temperature, the brake fluid boils. The more water in the fluid, the lower the temperature the brake fluid boils.

Most brake fluid is hygroscopic, and will absorb water over time. Since the fluid is dead headed in the caliper, the only way to get that boiled fluid, which becomes a compressible bubble, out of the caliper is to bleed the system. Normally bleeding the brakes is a two person operation.  One person pumps the brake pedal to put pressure into the system, and force the air trapped within the system to the caliper bleeder screws, the other person opens and closes the bleeder screws to release the air/fluid mixture from the caliper.

Pi-Man at NAGTROC posted up some information on the Speedbleeder screws that work for the Nissan R35 GT-R caliper.  The Speedbleeders allow you to bleed air and old fluid out of the caliper with one person, as they have a check ball that will not allow any air to be introduced to the system.  I have never tried out the Speedbleeders, but they are something I should try and review.


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