STILLEN/AP Racing CCM Brake Feedback

A member from NAGTROC had a chance to try out his STILLEN/AP Racing CCM Brake rotors at the track this weekend, and was happy with his results.

Let me get right to the point... these brakes are awesome.

Compared to the stock setup, I found myself braking about TWO CAR LENGTHS deeper on the back straight at Palm Beach International Raceway (with a maximum velocity of about 145-150 mph). The first time I hit the brakes on the straight, I was laughing hysterically because I had slowed down waaaaay too early. On a 90 degree ambient temp day, this setup was fade free over 4 different 20-25 minute sessions with a 10 minute active cool down (fans on while going on the way to the gas station 5 miles down the road) and another 30 minutes just sitting in the pits waiting for the next session with the fans off. Unfortunately, I have no comparison to aftermarket brake pads as I've only run the stockers up to this point.

The decreased rotational inertia was easily felt as soon as I pulled away from my garage. Normally, when cold, Ill get that little hesitation where it seems like the tranny engages just a bit too much clutch and then has to let it out again causing jerky takeoffs from a standstill. After installing the CCM's that was completely gone (to be fair, I also changed to 5 pound lighter wheels at the same time too). I didn't have my Traqmate hooked up this past track session because I was anticipating rain (of course it was crystal clear without a single drop though), so I don't have quantifiable data in the form of improved lap times, but the fact that I had to revise all my braking points was undeniable.

He posted some notes on the install of the brakes themselves, and the cooling kit.  STILLEN will take some of the feedback on the cooling kit, and work on improving the kit.

His last note was " I have zero regrets splurging on this system and would do it again in a heartbeat."

The CCM brakes are not for everyone, but for those that demand the best braking system available for the Nissan GT-R, have a look at the STILLEN/AP Racing CCM's. 


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