New AccessPORT Features for GT-R, Fast Flashing and On the Fly Map Switching

Cobb Tuning has been at the forefront of Nissan GT-R tuning since before the car was released in the US.Over the last couple of years of development time, more and more features have been added to the AccessPORT to increase its functionality. The latest 3 developments put some awesome advances into GT-R owners hands.  Check out the press release below for an explanation of the functions, and videos of the new features.
COBB Tuning has added three new features to the COBB Tuning Nissan GT-R AccessPORT that will revolutionize how drivers will enjoy their cars. Introducing On the Fly Map Switching, Fast Map Flashing and in-dash Knock Indicator to monitor knock in real time!

On the Fly Map Switching!

COBB Tuning has engineered a brand new way of switching maps on the fly! GT-R owners can now switch maps while driving, simply by using the factory cruise control switches on the steering wheel and see which map has been selected via the in-dash display boost gauge. Our new v300 Off-The-Shelf maps have the performance map loaded in the default slot 0 and a low-boost economy map in slot 1*. ProTuners can create map files with up to 9 different On-the-Fly selectable maps! Follow this link to watch a video of how On-The-Fly Map Switching works.

Fast Flash is Here!

The flash time required for the COBB Tuning AccessPORT to flash a new map file to the ECU has been reduced from 10 minutes to 40 seconds or less for all GT-R AccessPORTs! This enhancement dramatically improves the dyno-tuning workflow for professional tuners, as well as makes end-user flashing for different fuel grades, boost levels and security features much more convenient**. Follow this link to watch a video describing Fast Flash.

Knock Indicator

COBB Tuning’s new Knock Indicator displays knock events in real time, as they occur, on the GT-R’s in-dash display**. This is a very useful way to immediately see if a new modification is causing knock or if a local fuel quality is not as advertised. This is a critical monitor for drivers who push their GT-Rs to the limit! Follow this link to watch a video of the new Knock Indicator in action.

To use these new features, simply update the AccessPORT firmware following these Step-By-Step Instructions. In addition, all v300 OTS maps can be found in the Nissan AccessPORT Map Database. COBB Tuning is committed to bringing the GT-R enthusiast community new products and features that will enhance how they enjoy and drive their cars. Stay tuned for new AccessPORT enhancements in the coming months!

* Only Map switching enabled v300 Off-The-Shelf and AccessTUNER Pro v1.8.6.0-498 maps will support On-The-Fly map switching. This feature will not work on maps released prior to this release.

** Requires AccessPORT firmware or later.


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