2011 Nissan GT-R - UK Edition

Nissan in the UK has revealed some information on the 2011 UK (equivalent of 2012 US) DBA R35.  One interesting aspect is the black edition is a no cost option for the R35. They also have only one grade, the Premium, with two interior trim levels. This differs with Japan, as they have Pure, Premium, Black, SpecV, EGOIST, and Club Track Editions.  The price of £69,950 ($110,000 USD) includes 20% VAT(tax), which puts the price without tax at right around the equivalent of $90,000 USD.
  • Enhanced version of Nissan’s flagship supercar is now available to order
  • More power, better aerodynamics and upgraded design features
  • 2011 GT-R for £69,950 OTR
  • One grade with two trim options

Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd has unveiled the enhanced 2011 Nissan GT-R, which is now available to order at Nissan High Performance Centres nationwide.

2011 Nissan GT-R Outline

Since its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2007, the Nissan GT-R has enthralled its customers as the definitive accessible supercar. The 2011 Nissan GT-R has been developed under the theme of the ‘World’s best multi-performance and pleasure of responsive driving’. The exterior features more strength and stability, while the traditional creative flair associated with the GT-R’s striking appearance has also been updated, to offer improved aerodynamics. A sportier interior complements the enhanced design.


Engine and Transmission

Engine output is significantly improved to 530PS (390KW)/6,400rpm, with the maximum torque of 612Nm from 3,200 to 6,000rpm. The engine cover is, enigmatically, painted red to illustrate its enhanced performance.

By adopting an ultra-low precious metal catalyst and an engine control module fitted with high-capacity microprocessors, cleaner emissions have been achieved. Fuel economy has also been improved by modifying the boost pressure of the turbocharger, valve timing and air mixture ratio along with larger diameter inlet pipes and a modified exhaust system.

SAVE mode is a newly-adopted system, replacing ‘snow Mode’, which optimises driving torque and modifies the gearshift schedule to improve fuel economy when driving on motorways or open roads. The features of Snow Mode are also retained.

Standing start performance can now be maximised through the use of R mode. To activate, the driver must select R mode, depress the brake whilst in gear, apply full throttle and release the brake as soon as possible. The system will monitor oil temperatures to ensure reliability is maintained and prevent further use if the temperatures rise above the maximum allowance.

To help control tight turning at slow speeds a new 2-Wheel drive mode will temporarily shift the car to 2-Wheel drive as long as the speed is below 6MPH and the steering wheel is turned more than half way.


A very rigid and lightweight strut supporting bar, made of carbon composite with an aluminium honeycomb, has been installed in the partition wall of the engine compartment. By linking right and left struts to quickly receive suspension input, the vehicle body’s responsiveness is enhanced.

An additional support member has been installed in the passenger’s side dash panel. The responsiveness of the chassis is further improved by enhanced rigidity achieved by the connection with the engine compartment..

Suspension and Brakes

For the front suspension the spring, shock absorber and stabiliser has been modified to improve the vertical load response of the tyre. The front caster angle is increased from 5°35 to 6°00 to improve tyre road-holding ability when steering and stability in a straight line.

The rear suspension toe performance has been modified by changing the roll centre height to a lower position. This gives an improvement to the grip of the inside edge of the tyres while conducting turning manoeuvres.

An aluminium free-piston shock absorber has been newly-developed, which generates more precise damping force to constantly provide stable road-holding and a load shift that quickly responds to the driver’s input. Reduced shock absorber friction provides a quality and smoother ride.

To help lengthen the life span of the front brake discs a larger diameter disc is fitted (F390+10mm). Developed uniquely by Nissan offering more resistance to fade at high temperatures when driven hard.

Tyres and wheels

The Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX GT 600 DSST CTT tyre has a new compound to improve grip. With a revamped structure and improved rigidity of tread and sidewall, straight-line stability in rutted roads is enhanced.

Newly-designed, lighter and more rigid aluminium forged wheels, made by Rays are provided to improve tyre responsiveness to vertical load. Knurling inside the wheel has been modified to avoid any tyre rotation deviation caused by the GT-R’s improved engine output. On the wheel surface, the new colour, Hyper Blue Black Chrome, oozes quality and features a performance feel, thanks to a deep gloss created by a five-layered coating.


Exterior and aerodynamics

Even with a more intense and stable chassis, the GT-R’s world-beating aerodynamic performance has been further improved. Downforce has been increased by around 10%, while a co-efficient of drag is further reduced from 0.27 to 0.26.

Stability is improved by an enlarged bumper and grille openings, with increased three-dimensional effects.

The front bumper has been redesigned, with double rectifier fins which increases front downforce by around 10%, while reducing air resistance inside the engine compartment and also increases the air flow through a radiator which cools the front brakes. Each side incorporates an LED daytime running light fitted with a large-diameter reflecting surface emitting a high-intensity white light.

A newly-designed rear bumper with a low centre of gravity has been created and features a sculptured lower part with an extended rear end. By extending the rear diffuser, underfloor cooling performance is enhanced, with reduced air resistance.

Cooling performance for the rear exhaust silencer is improved and rear downforce is increased by about 10% by introducing a rear bumper air outlet, which removes air in the rear wheel housing.

The four tailpipe finishers have also been enlarged.

A high-intensity LED rear fog lamp is now incorporated within the extended rear diffuser.

Six exterior colours are available, including two new colours - Metallic Black, replacing solid Kuro Black and Daytona Blue replacing Titanium Grey.


A newly-shaped pad and finisher surround the navigation system display, with uniform stitch lines, illustrates the enhanced feeling of quality.

The heater control panel now has a real carbon finish surrounding the switches which are now all finished in matt black.

The paddle shifters have been changed to feature magnesium.

Chrome-plated rings in the console and air-conditioner outlets are finished with a sporty, black and smokey coating.


Despite the GT-R being a one grade line up, there is the option to choose between two different seat choices at no additional cost..

The two designs are as follows -

- Recaro Black, as the name suggests features the Recaro name and is a leather appointed bucket seat with red side flashes. This comes complete with a dark headlining and a red flash on the gear lever

- The second choice is a premium leather covered seat available in black or light grey. Supplied with this seat design is a light grey coloured headlining providing a lighter feel to the interior

Both seats provide an improved level of comfort and safety while cornering. In addition, fatigue levels are reduced for the thighs and lower back by changing the shape and extending the length of the seating surface. They come with electric adjustment for forward, back and height, along with two switch levels for heated seat intensity.


With the new on the road price of £69,950 (incl 20%VAT) GT-R still represents outstanding performance at a competitive price. The standard ‘no extra cost’ specification list remains as strong as always with Premium Connect HDD satellite navigation, Bose stereo system, iPod™ connectivity, hard drive music storage, Bluetooth phone connection, 20” alloy wheels, runflat tyres, and individual climate control air conditioning. Add that to the performance delivered from the V6 twin turbo through the GR6 twin clutch system, with the aid of the 4 wheel drive system, and the on the road price, the GT-R remains untouchable.


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