Auto Journals Rides in the 2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring

David from Auto Journals had a chance to ride along with Toshio Suzuki in the 2012 US( 2011 world) Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring.  David has a specially wrapped purple 2009 Nissan GT-R, and he says he is looking into a new blue 2011 car.  He mentions that the exhaust note is better than the stock 2009, the interior is much more refined, the brakes and even the transmission feels improved over the 2011 model.  Head over to Auto Journals to read his full report.

Highlights are:
- Power output will be increased "by more than 40hp", so at least a claimed 530hp or so
- Aero performance has been improved, Cd factor reduced to below 0.27, whilst increasing downforce by 10%
- Gearbox and rear diff cooling improved by aero changes and increasing the volume of gearbox oil in the system
- Bodyshell has been further stiffened torsionally with a carbon strut brace and reinforced bulkhead
- Revised suspension with wider range dampers
- New design and lighter wheels
- Mizuno designed brake discs that are 10mm larger and more crack resistant
- Substantially improved interior materials
- Black Edition cars get electric Recaro seats that offer much greater lateral support

Source: Auto Journals


David Yu said...

Thanks for the link!
Just one small correction, my car is vinyl wrapped metallic purple, not painted.

An excellent job by Creative FX in Bromley, England that most people who have seen it, think IS painted!

David Yu
Managing Editor

Sean Morris said...


Corrected. I was thinking it was paint. I guess old age clouds my memory.

Thanks for posting your impressions on your site.

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