Motor Trend Magazine Speaks to Mizuno on the GT-R's Present and Future

Motor Trend Magazine had a chance to sit down with Katsutoshi Mizuno, chief engineer of the R35 GT-R, and talk with him about the current and future Nissan GT-R.  The DBA-R35 has just been introduced to Japan and UK in the last few days.  The DBA is a "minor" change to the Nissan GT-R.  Power is up to 530 hp, wheels, brakes, cooling, interior all get changes and refinements.

Although the R35 GT-R has been sold in Japan since 2007, it seems like it will be around for at least 5 more years.  If there is any Nissan R36 GT-R in the future, it doesn't seem like we will see one until at least 2017.

Is the updated model the biggest change before an all-new GT-R arrives?

"No, no, we continue with current GT-R for five more years."

On the GR6 transmissions, which have been an area of much discussion with the R35 he says:
Considering the issues with transmissions in the past, does it need to be made stronger?
"No need. The issue that happened in the past was that they were damaged in the manufacturing process rather than having a design issue. The design has not changed since 2007.

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The first issues would not have been as much of a design issue, unless you  are talking about LC1 and its 4500 rpm launches. There are a few weak points in the standard transmission that are addressed by the aftermarket.

How will you feel if the GT-R breaks the 7:18 lap time on the Nurburgring of the 911 GT2 RS? Will you enjoy breaking the record more considering Porsche's questioning of the GT-R's performances?

"Never under, I order to Mr. Suzuki! Under this time is no good, a little over is better! Because what they do for company pride we do for customer information. So under 7:18 is no good for us, for customers 7:21, 22, 20 is better for GT-R customer."

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Interesting.  You wonder how much of a game it really is.  We will always wonder if Nissan has a quicker time in its back pocket.  November 18th, the DBA-R35 is going to be shown in North America at the LA Auto Show.  Soon after that we can start to expect to see driving impressions and comparison tests from all the big magazines and online publications.  How will the car measure up in independent tests against the Porsche, ZR1, or a Ferrari or two?  We will find out in the coming months, leading up to the first quarter release of the car in 2011.

I understand you retire at the end of 2011?

"Nisasn retirement age is 60 and I am already 59 years old. I love GT-R of course, but I am an employee of Nissan, and Nissan regulation is Nissan regulation.

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The GT-R may have a new chief engineer and planner for the next minor change.  The question would remain, in 2017, 2018, will there be an R36 GT-R?

Source Motor Trend via NAGTROC

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