Switzer R1k - 9.38 @ 155 MPH

Switzer took a few of their modified Nissan GT-Rs to Summit Motorsports Park in Ohio to run them down the quarter mile. One of my sources let me know that they had run a 9.38 @ 156 mph 1/4 mile pass..  I was just a touch off on the mph for the 9.38 @155 pass, they ran 156.44 mph on their fastest run.  Just a couple hundredths off the 9.33 from AMS.  MPH is a little up on AMS. I wonder when SP Engineering is running next?

The line was not very optimal for a high powered launch, as you can see (and hear) the car spun the tires in first and second gear.

I will add that our best 60-130mph for the R1K that day was a 3.96.

There is a massive amount of pictures and video from everyone and it is coming in today. As I cut together videos edit pictures they will be posted here.


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