COBB Tuning GT-R AccessPORT with TCM support

The COBB Tuning GT-R AccessPORT, the most popular engine management solution amongst R-35 enthusiasts, just got better! Introducing the AccessPORT with transmission control module (TCM) support, the world's first hand-held ECU and TCM flashing, managing and monitoring assistant, adding a whole new level of transmission control on top of the already impressive engine management capabilities of the original GT-R AccessPORT. COBB Tuning brings the simplicity of the AccessPORT to transmission control module flashing. Now GT-R owners can install maps to enhance launch control and make changes to important transmission settings that enhance drivability and improve performance, all with the simple push of a button!

Just like the original AccessPORT for the Nissan R-35 GT-R, installation is simple. No tools are required. No additional “piggy-back” hardware. No mailing the factory ECU or TCM across the country. No vehicle downtime. No waiting. Not even a computer is required. Just plug the AccessPORT in, flash the ECU and TCM, and enjoy the thrill of increased torque, horsepower and transmission responsiveness.

Installing the AccessPORT on the TCM starts with downloading the OEM TCM ROM for safekeeping, so the TCM can be returned to its stock configuration at any time. Once the OEM TCM ROM is stored, the AccessPORT flashes a new Level 1 map onto the TCM that is based on the Nissan LC2 logic upgrade, but increases launch revs to 3,300RPM and includes more aggressive clutch engagement and throttle curves than stock LC2 logic. The result is a positive launch that gets the GT-R off and running harder than the stock LC2 logic, but with smoother clutch engagement than the previous LC1 logic. Still not enough for you? A simple reflash of the TCM with the Level 2 map will have you experiencing the increased punch from raising the launch revs to 3,750RPM!

The R-35 GT-R transmission is an impressive, but complicated engineering wonder, and sometimes adjustments are in order to get it just right. Excessive clutch drag while stationary will cause the GT-R to want to creep forward at a stoplight, while too little drag will make it feel like an automatic's torque converter. COBB Tuning has implemented Clutch Touch Point adjustment via the AccessPORT, offering +/-7 levels of adjustment to set clutch drag right where the driver wants it. This is a live adjustment that does not require a TCM reflash, simply select the desired level of the Clutch Touch Point engagement, hit Enter and drive!

The original AccessPORT opens the door to impressive power gains for the GT-R, which can exceed the transmission's ability to manage that added power, resulting in clutch slip and excessive clutch wear. The AccessPORT with TCM support offers Clutch Capacity adjustment, which controls the hydraulic pressure applied to the clutch plates. Yet another on the fly adjustment without the need for a reflash, simply select Clutch Capacity from the AccessPORT menu to reveal +/-7 levels of adjustment to control clutch clamping force. Higher horsepower GT-R's can eliminate unwanted clutch slip with a +2 or +3 level of Clutch Capacity. Don't let all that power go to waste!

Due to the complex nature of the GT-R's transmission, normal wear and tear can cause jerky shifting and less than ideal drivability. Nissan recommends an annual gearbox optimization routine to recalibrate the transmission. The AccessPORT with TCM support incorporates this Clutch Gear Learning routine and allows the owner to recalibrate at will, without a potentially expensive trip to the dealership. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions via the AccessPORT screen and recalibrate the transmission to eliminate wear related drivability compromises.

Of course, the Nissan GT-R AccessPORT with TCM support comes with all of the power gains and features of the original GT-R AccessPORT. Store multiple maps, live map switching on-the-fly, fast map flashing, factory in-dash display knock indicator, data logger, monitor engine sensors, measure 1/4 mile and 0-60mph times, read and clear DTC codes, even flash a valet map to prevent abuse while out on the town or an antitheft map to prevent engine start. For the ultimate power gains, have your GT-R professionally tuned on a dyno by a tuning expert and extract the maximum horsepower available from your combination of performance enhancing modifications. And should the need ever arise, simply uninstall the AccessPORT and the ECU and TCM are restored to their original condition.

NEW AccessPORT TCM Flashing Features!
- ENHANCED LAUNCH CONTROL: Updates TCM to Nissan LC2 launch control logic with two user selectable launch control modes! Level 1 sets launch control revs to 3,300rpm (300 more than stock LC2) with more aggressive clutch engagement and throttle curve. Level 2 raises launch control revs to 3,700 rpm with the same clutch and throttle characteristics as Level 1.
- CLUTCH GEAR LEARNING: Perform this factory recommended annual optimization without a trip to the dealership. Shift quality degrades as transmission components wear. Performing this optimization recalibrates the transmission, resulting in smoother shifts and improved driveability.
- TOUCH POINT ADJUSTMENT: Use the AccessPORT to adjust the amount of clutch drag while stationary. Eliminate excessive creep or set clutch drag for the perfect launch responsiveness with +/- 7 levels of adjustment.
- CLUTCH CAPACITY ADJUSTMENT: An essential adjustment for higher horsepower GT-Rs to eliminate clutch slip during full throttle upshifts. Increase or decrease clutch clamping force with +/- 7 levels of hydraulic pressure adjustment.

The COBB AccessPORT with TCM support is the ultimate engine and transmission management solution available for the Nissan R-35 GT-R. Access the potential of your Nissan GT-R today!

Part Number: AP-NIS-006
Retail Price: $1,495.00
Upgrade Price: $500.00 (AP-NIS-005 to AP-NIS-006)

  • Original GT-R AccessPORT owners can upgrade their AP-NIS-005 to AP-NIS-006 for $500. Please call 866.922.3059 for more information and order processing.
  • Please note that TCM support is designed for stock GT-R transmissions. It is not recommended for GT-R's with aftermarket clutch packs and other non-OEM components.

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