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Last year Leh Keen and Top Speed ran a Porsche 911 in the One Lap of America, and did pretty well. Pretty well if you consider winning every single road course event, and finishing in first overall is pretty well.
Doug Wilks and Rolex Sports Car Series driver Leh Keen run a flawless series of events, taking first at every road course we visit with their well-prepared Porsche GT2. The trouble comes after the drag strip: Keen begins complaining that the rear feels slippery. After a corner worker brings over a chunk of rubber, saying it fell from underneath their car, the team looks closer. They find that one of the rear sway bar mounts had snapped and the resulting damage has torn the rear axle boot. They spend all night at a friend's fabrication shop and make it to the next track with just enough time to make their run group. With three hours of sleep under his belt -- four from the night before -- Keen still wheels the GT2 to first place. "It didn't feel like One Lap until last night," he says after a quick nap on the pit floor.
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In 2010 2nd place belonged to a Nissan GT-R, but the year before in 2009, a Nissan GT-R won overall.
Rather than try and beat them, Top Speed and Leh have decided to join them for 2011. Right now the Top Speed R35 GT-R is undergoing upgrades for the 2011 One Lap of America event. Over at NAGTROC, the Top Speed guys have been posting information on the build.

Front bumper off.

Installing parts

AMS intercooler compared to stock intercoolers

Wing going on

Wide front fenders, wide front wheels

Splitter attached to front bumper

We are looking forward to hearing how some of the pre One Lap testing goes, and to see how the car stacks up in this grueling event.
Here is the Motor Trend video from 2010.

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