Nov 24, 2008

10.88 @ 133 mph R35 GT-R - No Launch Control

From via GT-R Blog

Animal House Racing has managed to turn a 10.88@133 mph pass in their R35 GT-R. The 60 foot was 1.858 which is a quick as I have heard of so far with no LC.

Animal House Racing 10.88 @133.50MPH Modifications to the car are: AHR Ceramic Wheel Bearings

AHR Ceramic Pulley Bearings

AHR Thermal Gasket Set

AHR Race Y-Pipe

COBB Tuning AccessPORT (custom tuned)

93 PUMP GAS w/1 gallon 100 oct

Not too bad. 133 mph is high. Nearly 4 mph higher than any other car so far. 129 mph was what the two GT570 cars ran.