Feb 27, 2009

In Car Video - HKS GT570 and Cobb Accessport


Sounds good, gets a little loose in first gear... those roads look oddly familar..

SP Engineering
424 Turnbull Canyon Road
City of Industry, CA 91745

Feb 26, 2009

Nissan to Compete in GT1 in 2010

We have seen the car, now we know what its for. Nissan is going to start offering the GT1 version of the Nissan GTR to teams starting in 2010. In 2009, Nismo will compete in four races to check the performance of the cars. The cars will be rear wheel drive. I expect they will be V8. Closer to a Super GT car, than a street car. I wonder if there will be anyone racing in GT1 in 2010. GM is running more or less by themselves now. Aston Martin runs some races, but they are a little on and off.

Announcement on Global Motorsports Activities for 2009

TOKYO (February 27, 2009) - Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (NISMO) today announced their global motorsport programme for 2009.

For 2009, Nissan continues to participate in the SUPER GT series, GT500 class, which is the highest level in Japanese domestic motorsports, with the Nissan GT-R. Nissan will also support grassroots activities in select countries outside of Japan to help nurture the motorsports culture, which has millions of fans throughout the world.

“Motorsports is an important part of Nissan’s strategy for building a strong brand with consumers who share our passion for high-performance driving,” said Carlos Tavares, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. “In addition to being an important touch-point for consumers, motorsports serve as a dynamic proving ground for automotive innovation.”


The R35 model Nissan GT-R will be entered in the GT500 class of SUPER GT.
This year’s entries will incorporate changes that include an improved air-cooling system and a paddle-shift transmission. The vehicles also conform to the racing body’s latest regulation changes to decrease down force through shortened vehicle overhang. NISMO provides technical assistance and vehicle development to all participating teams.

Team Composition
This year’s line-up of NISMO, HASEMI MOTORSPORT, TEAM IMPUL and KONDO RACING will deploy 1 car each for a total of 4 Nissan GT-Rs that will race in the GT500 class series. Kunihiko Kakimoto remains as general manager in charge of Nissan related teams with the NISMO team managed by Yutaka Suzuki. HASEMI MOTOR SPORT team welcomes to its roster Hironobu Yasuda, who trained in the rigorous Nissan Driver Development Program (NDDP).
No: Entrant: Team Manager: Drivers: Vehicle Name: Tyre Maker:
1 NISMO Yutaka Suzuki Satoshi Motoyama / Benoit Treluyer MOTUL AUTECH GT-R Bridgestone
3 HASEMI MOTOR SPORT Masahiro Hasemi Ronnie Quintarelli / Hironobu Yasuda TBA Michelin
12 TEAM IMPUL Kazuyoshi Hoshino Tsugio Matsuda / Sebastien Philippe IMPUL Calsonic GT-R Bridgestone
24 KONDO RACING Masahiko Kondo João Paulo de Oliveira / Seiji Ara HIS ADVAN KONDO GT-R Yokohama

2. Private racers category
1. March Cup series
Providing amateur racers a chance to experience the thrill of auto racing, Nissan holds the March Cup races (East Japan Series, West Japan Series, Nissan March Championship Cup). This pits private racers with actual racing conditions, with each car equipped with a data logger and GPS to record the racing lines taken by drivers. As previously announced, 2009 is the final run for the March Cup series.
2. Japanese domestic private teams
1. SUPER GT GT300 class
Technical assistance will be given to private teams competing in Fairlady Zs.
2. Super Taikyu series
Technical assistance will be given to private teams competing in Fairlady Zs in both ST1 and ST3 classes.
3. Global Race activities

Aiming for a 3rd championship win, Nissan and NISMO will provide technical assistance to its China partner Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., which enters its Nissan Tiidas in the 1600cc Class of the China Circuit Championship (CCC). The event is the country’s premier domestic racing event, where locally manufactured production-based race cars compete. Nissan Tiida won the title in 2006 and 2008.

South Africa
With 8 consecutive Driver’s championship wins, Nissan seeks to retain its title in the South Africa Off-Road Championship. Dominating the event will be the Nissan Navara, well known for its controlled performance and rugged reliability.

To check the performance of cars to be sold to racing teams competing in the FIA-GT1 class, a NISMO-developed car will run as a non-championship entry in 4 races in 2009, entered in a team partnership with Gigawave MotorSport. It is expected that the car is to be driven by Michael Krumm (NISMO) and Darren Turner (Gigawave).

Gigawave MotorSport, a racing team based in county Essex, England, has been competing in the FIA GT Championship since 2007. The team’s parent company Gigawave Ltd., as an official partner of the FIA GT Championship, provides on-board cameras for real-time coverage of the races.

Source : GTR Blog

Switzer Performance Extracts 626 Wheel Horsepower.

Switzer Performance has been working on upgrades to a Nissan GT-R over the last several months. They recently had their upgraded GT-R on the dyno, and a video is below.

There upgrades include new turbochargers , and intercoolers.

These new turbochargers utilize Garrett GT ball-bearing center sections and custom compressor wheels with the most applicable aero profile for this combination. These turbos not only produce the airflow needed to meet our performance targets, they also offer the best intial and transient boost response as well. This is hugely important for road course and street use. Along with the intercooler and plumbing package we have developed, this combination has the best thermal capacity we have produced on a platform to date. Our pressure drop through the entire system was less than .05 psi... virtually no pressure drop. While the cores can flow up to 1057hp worth of air, we are experiencing no loss in response from the combination. During our 4th gear runs on the dyno, our charge air temps would rise only 1 degree F max. Now that's efficiency!

Source : Switzer Performance Blog

Feb 25, 2009

Vivid Racing GT-R. Its all pink in the middle or in this case the outside

Vivid Racing's video debut of their Project GT-R featuring the Meisterschaft Titanium Exhaust System.

Interesting color

HKS GT570 Kit - Time Attack Fuji Speedway

Snow. Yes. It looks like it was snowing.

Aoki Takayuki driving


Nissan GT-R crowned MSN Cars Car of the Year 2009

80,298 people voted, and they picked the Nissan GT-R as the MSN UK 2009 Car of the Year. 23,286 were in favor of the GT-R giving it a significant margin of victory over the 2nd place Jaguar XF.

The award was recieved by John Parslow, Sports Car Marketing Manager at Nissan GB, who said; "We are thrilled to get such a strong public endorsement as being given the MSN Cars 'Car of the Year 2009.' It really is a testament to Nissan's vision that we created the GT-R as a high performance car that responds faithfully to the driver's wishes, whether on the road or on the racetrack. The design, ultimate performance and handling qualities of the GT-R means it has a reputation that extends far beyond its loyal owners."

% of vote
Nissan GT-R
Jaguar XF
= 3
Ferrari California
= 3
Volkswagen Scirocco
= 6
Audi Q5
= 6
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
Ford Fiesta
Vauxhall Insignia
Tesla Roadster

Source : MSN Cars.uk

Feb 24, 2009

Nissan GT-R to go on Sale in April in Australia

April 1st. April Fools Day ? If you pre order your Nissan GT-R before April 1st the going price in Australia will be $148,800 for the base model, and $152,800 for the Premium. However if you wait, the April fools joke will be on you, as you will have to pay $155,800 for the base, and $159,800 for the Premium

They mention in the article that the US cars are governed to 250 kh/hr, but this isn't true. They also mention the transmission reprogramming will hurt 0-100 km/hr times, but this has actually be found to be wrong. Nissan may actually lower its official 0-60 mph time to 3.3 seconds if what Kris over at GT-R Blog is saying is correct.

One thing the Australian cars don't get is satellite navigation. Interesting. I wonder why its not offered in Australia ?

As we mentioned late last year, Australian-delivered R35 GT-Rs will be available in two guises: base, and Premium. The base model GT-R gets heated leather seats in the front, a six-speaker AM/FM/CD system with 9.3Gb hard drive storage and a quartet of Dunlop’s super-sticky SP Sport 600 tyres as standard.

The Premium adds an 11-speaker Bose stereo system, exclusive leather seats, black wheels and Bridgestone Potenza RE070Rs in lieu of the base model’s Dunlops.

Source: The Motor Report

Feb 23, 2009

Largest GT-R Gathering So Far - VIR

Virginia International Raceway VIR Feb 23, 2009

I will update this with some more photos soon.

Source : Nagtoc

Stillen starts work on a Nissan GT-R for Targa Newfoundland

Stillen has started on work on a Nissan GT-R they are going to run in the Targa Newfoundland September 12-19,2009.

The car is being prepared at here at STILLEN in Costa Mesa, CA. To prepare for the rally we have a long list of modifications to make. Some of these modifications are to be kept top secret, others are very exciting and we just can’t contain ourselves. Some of the modifications will be:

Lightening - We will be removing as much weight as possible from the car. This will include, lighter racing seats, light weight dry carbon fiber body panels, and more.

Performance - With a long list of performance parts including but not limited to performance exhaust, intercoolers, tuning, and more we hope to gain A LOT more power from this already impressive car.

Braking - This one is kind of top secret but still noteworthy. Let’s just say that AP Racing and STILLEN are working on something very special that will blow a lot of people away.

Suspension - The corners of the car will be shrouded in secrecy but we have plans for shock upgrades as well as adjustable sway bars.

Stillen weighed their car and came up with 3900 lbs with a full tank of gas. The GT-R is no lightweight. The picture here is the passenger seat , nearly 60 lbs. A good lightweight racing seat should be about 1/4 of that weight. Follow along on their blog or here for more information and updates.

Source : Stillen Blog 1 , Stillen Blog 2

How to Install Mines Carbon Mirror Surround

Mines posted a how to video on their blog. Check it out.

Source: Mines Blog

Griffey will ease into Mariners games

Whats Ken Griffey Jr ,the baseball player, got to do with Nissan GT-R's ? Well it seems that Ken is using a white R35 GT-R as a daily driver as pointed out in this article. Ken started with the Seattle Mariners 20 years ago and is returning this year on a one year contract.

Some of his new teammates seem in awe. Men nearly half his age just stared from across the clubhouse as Griffey ate waffles at his locker before practice. Then they marveled while parading past Griffey's pristine white Nissan GT-R on their way to the field. The space-age, 480-horsepower speedster (list price: about $75,000) specifically caught the eyes of pitcher Ryan Feierabend and infielder Mike Morse.

"Whose car is that?" Morse said. "It's, like, a 2012."


Source : USA Today

Feb 20, 2009

Inside Line GT-R - 0-110 mph Videos

0-110mph. More videos over at Inside Line0-110mph. More videos over at Inside Line
Source : Inside Line

Feb 18, 2009

Nismo Tokachi R35 GT-R in April 2009 Issue of Import Tuner Magazine

Check out this months Import Tuner Magazine for pictures and information on the Tokachi Nismo R35 GT_R

Nismo-tuned R35 GT-R:
2NR was the first to bring you a new GT-R feature, with Top Fuel Japan's built R35 back in our May 2008 issue. Now, we travel back to the land of the rising sun to bring you the flat-out illest R35 in the world: this Nismo-built GT-R endurance track racer: something you won't see anywhere else!

Import Tuner Magazine

Source : Import Tuner

Feb 17, 2009

Dented and Decorated Nissan GT-R

If you crash it, at least have a sense of humor about it ? I guess that what this owner was showing with their car.

In a local hotel parking lot here in Fukushima a few weeks ago I stumbled across a nasty sight of a new GTR Skyline dented all down one side of her beautiful shiny black body.

One more picture

Source : DriftnJapan.com

Feb 16, 2009

Nissan GT-R to Go On Sale in the Middle East in 2009

March 2, 2009 Nissan will showcase the GT-R in a driving challenge on the Jebel Hafeet Mountain road with Mohamed Ben Sulayem. Nissan plans to sell 200 Nissan GT-R's in the Middle East in 2009.

Tokyo (February 16, 2009) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) today announced the launch of the high-performance Nissan GT-R in the Middle East.

The highly coveted Nissan GT-R will be sold and serviced at a limited number of Nissan High Performance Centers in select locations throughout the Middle East. These outlets have been certified to meet the exacting standards needed to maintain the high level of performance for the Nissan GT-R. Nissan Middle East FZE (NMEF) projects some 200 passionate enthusiasts will become proud Nissan GT-R owners in 2009. Global production of GT-R is limited to 1,000 units per month.

In order to showcase the outstanding capabilities of the award-winning Nissan GT-R supercar, NMEF will conduct a driving challenge March 2 on the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road. For the special event, the GT-R will be driven by famous rally driving legend Mohamed Ben Sulayem, the most awarded rally driver in the Middle East.

"The Nissan GT-R enjoys legendary status in the Middle East, so we decided it would be most fitting to create a memorable and challenging event for the car's launch," said Atsuo Kosaka, NMEF's managing director. "The GT-R Jebel Hafeet Challenge will showcase this remarkable car's dynamic ability in the hands of our region's most successful rally driver. It will be fascinating to see how quickly the GT-R can ascend the mountain and set a benchmark time."

Jebel Hafeet is a mountain south of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Scaling it is the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, which has been called the greatest driving road in the world. With 21 corners and three lanes, the road runs 11.7 km to a height of 1219 m at mountain summit, atop of which a spectacular view can be fully appreciated. A seven-km stretch of the mountain road will be used for the GT-R Jebel Hafeet Challenge.

"The Jebel Hafeet mountain is the UAE's most challenging stretch of road, and it will be a fine test of the GT-R's power, performance and poise," said driver Sulayem.

In preparation for introduction to the market, Nissan's multi-performance supercar underwent several tests around the world, including on the track of the Dubai Autodrome, a 5.39 km motorsports circuit located in Dubai, UAE.

The Nissan GT-R received the "Most Advanced Technology Award (Car of the Year Japan 2008-2009)" and was named the "2009 Motor Trend Car of the Year™ (USA)," among a number of other prestigious accolades.

Source : Nissan via GT-R Blog

Feb 15, 2009

Tony Quinn in Nissan GT-R Wins Rally Tasmania

Tony Quinn in the VIP Petfoods Nissan GT-R and Jim Richards in the 911 GT2 were battling back and forth at the Rally Tasmania yesterday, today Tony managed to strech the gap to a 14.4 second margin winning the event. Tony Alford in the Donut King GT-R finished in 5th place.


1. Tony Quinn / Naomi Tillett, Nissan GTR, 1h39m00.4s
2. Jim Richards / Barry Oliver, Porsche 911 GT2, +14.4s
3. Jamie Vandenberg / Simon Vandenberg, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, +1:56.2
4. Tony Longhurst / Linda Long, Subaru Impreza WRX STIm +2:21.2
5. Tony Alford / Kelly Handley, Nissan GTR, +3:55.3
6. Simon Gillet / Kathy Norton, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, +4:57.9

“It’s great to win a fantastic event,” Quinn said.

“We had to push really hard today to keep Jim (Richards) at bay, but we managed to bring it home.

“We have not had any problems all weekend. The car has been terrific, and will only get better if it is wet in future events.”

Source: Rally Sport Magazine

Feb 14, 2009

Some Cool Nissan GT-R Renderings

Stumbled across these cool Nissan GT-R, and plenty of other car renderings.

A few more.

Source : Abduzeedo blog

911 GT2 and R35 GT-R Battle at Rally Tasmania

Tony Quinn in the VIP Petfoods R35 GT-R over came their Friday deficit to Jim Richards in the 911 GT2 to pull a narrow lead after Saturdays stages. The two drivers are trading back and forth quick times though stages. Sunday is the last day of the event, lets see who will be on top.

Two veterans of Australian motorsport, Jim Richards and Tony Quinn, have had an enthralling dual on the second day of Rally Tasmania, with just 1.9 seconds separating the pair after 144 testing competitive kilometres.

The narrow margin ensures a titanic struggle on the final day between the Porsche 911 GT2 of Richards and the powerful Nissan GTR of Quinn across the last 72.33 kilometres around Sheffield in the state’s north.

The two have cleared out on the rest of the field. Local Burnie driver, Jamie Vandenberg is in third place, 56.5 seconds off the pace in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9, while Tony Longhurst is another 11.9 seconds back in his Les Walkden Rallying-prepared Subaru Impreza WRX STI.
Live Results

Rally events have picked up in popularity over the last few years. With better coverage, and some prominent names, it seems like a fun thing to do.

Source : Rally Tasmania

Nissan GT-R Laps Bathurst Again.

Motor Magazine from Australia has taken the first official R35 GT-R in Australia to Bathurst Racetrack and set what they call an "unofficial" lap record of 2:25.

The R35 has just set an unofficial production car lap record at Bathurst with a lap time of 2:25. The lap was completed at a drive-Bathurst track event and was not an actual attempt at setting a record (hence the "unofficial" title). The car was bone stock on production Bridgestones.

Conditions were cold, rainy and overcast. This might have helped the GT-R's pair of turbos but cold Bridgestones on a drying but still cold track meant they had to back off at several key points, most significantly they had to lose 50km/h before The Chase which is normally taken at full tap, which would have been about 270km/h in the GT-R.

Some key weaknesses in the GT-R were really brought to light around the gruelling elevation changes of the Bathurst race track. Firstly, the VDC-R mode (which is more than competent around smooth race tracks with minor changes is elevation) became completely bewildered by Bathurst's unusual wheel loads. The series of sharp downhill chicanes from the Essess through the Dipper to Forest Elbow caused the VDC system to shut down the throttle for +70m after each apex. The 2:25 lap had to be run with VDC turned off.

Secondly and more importantly, the latter half of the lap, which is all downhill, overwhelmed the GT-R's braking system. Rising temps on either the discs/pads or the fluid adversely affected pedal response during the downhill sector from Skyline to Murrays Corner. Part Braking is crucial to getting the right line during this part of the track and the changing pedal response made that near impossible.

A dry track, some more experience and Dunlops could see a 2:20 ish lap time in the GT-R but the brakes are probably not likely to last for any reasonable race length around Bathurst, when pushed hard.

Source : GT-R Blog and NAGTROC

Feb 13, 2009

Aston Martin versus Nissan GT-R Driving Experience :UK

If you are in the UK, and want to drive a Nissan GT-R and a Aston Martin back to back, here is a package for you.

Two world-famous marques go head to head - with you in the driving seat. Experience the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the brand new Nissan GT-R and discover what makes these cars so special. The gorgeous 380bhp Aston Martin Vantage is a beautifully crafted modern classic with V8 power, phenomenal acceleration and superb handling. The Nissan is the UK's fastest car in its price range, reaching 62mph in just 3.5 seconds and going on to an incredible top speed of 195mph. It even lapped Germany's famous Nurburgring quicker than the Bugatti Veyron! You'll kick off with a briefing on driving techniques, then your ARDS instructor will drive you for two training laps in a BMW Alpina D3 so that you can learn the racing lines. Next, take the wheel yourself of the V8 Vantage for four laps around the 1.8 mile long track. Once you've got your breath back, step into the Nissan GT-R for a further four laps. Your driving will be assessed and you'll walk away with a certificate as a memento of your day.

Red Letter Days has 158 different driving experiences. Looks like a good time.

Source : Red Letter Days


The VR38DETT has one MAP sensor and two Turbo boost pressure sensors on it. In addition it has two Mass Air Flow Sensors. These five sensors in conjunction with the rest of the engines sensors schedule fuel, timing, and a myraid of other functions.

The sensors maximum readable pressure is 36.73 psia or about 22 psi (36.73 - 14.7 -atmospheric pressure) of pressure going into the engine.

So for now, the limit of the ECU is 22 psi.

If you run more than 22 psi of boost you are going to max out the sensor. Normally cars will throw check engine lights, and decrease performance. The old way would be to throw a "fuel cut defender" at it. I don't like this as it normally attenuates the signal coming from the sensor. I would rather have a new sensor that is calibrated for a certain pressure, not a false signal.

Feb 12, 2009

GT-R South Circuit Silverstone Race

Some footage from the UK of R35 GT-R's at Silverstone. Nissan Race Academy in car video from the UK. Good stuff.

Nissan GT-R Race Academy for some time.
So here it is at last, this video is the Instructor Race and our GT-R made light work of taking and keeping the lead.
A great day out and a taster of what the GT-R can do on track

19" Volk RE30's and Toyo R888

Injected Performance put a set of 19" Volk RE30 wheels with Toyo R888 tires on a customers R35 GT-R


Volk RE30 19×10 +30
Toyo R888 295/30-19
(49.2 lbs, savings of 13.4 lbs from stock)

Volk RE30 19×11 +25
Toyo R888 295/30-19
(50.4 lbs, savings of 16.4 lbs from stock)

Looks and sounds good.

Source : Injected Performance Blog

Street Race : R32 GT-R vs R35 GT-R


R32 GTR with 2.8L and N1's @ 1.3 bar. Stock R35 GTR.

The R32 needs something bigger than N1's to beat an R35 GT-R. Something closer to some 2530's or 2860-5's.

This was going to be a GT-R vs GT-R race, but 2008 R35 vs 1989 R32. An American guy had a very nice GT-R he’d built which is pretty quick and he was keen to run against the new GT-R. Everyone was expecting a pretty close race as they lined up. The R32 got a slight jump at the launch, but that was about as far as it got ahead. The R35 caught it in 2nd gear and easily pulled away up to about 3-4 cars by the time it reached its limiter.

Source: Big in Japan Blog

Feb 11, 2009

Edmunds Inside Line : Lower Launch RPM's = Faster Time

Edmunds Inside Line had their GT-R reprogrammed with the new transmission software update. Everyones thoughts were that the car would get slower,however nearly everyone was wrong. Inside Line provides the proof

VDC on

  • 0-60 mph-----3.6 sec. (3.4 sec. with one foot of rollout like on a dragstrip)
  • 1/4 Mile-------11.7 sec. @ 118.5 mph

VDC off

  • 0-60 mph-----3.6 sec. (3.3 sec. with one foot of rollout like on a dragstrip)
  • 1/4 Mile-------11.6 sec. @ 118.9 mph

Before results with LC -
0-60 mph-----3.8 sec. (3.5 sec. with one foot of rollout like on a dragstrip)

1/4 Mile-------11.8 sec. @ 118.6 mph

Inside Line needs some Dunlops, 93 octane, and just stand on the accelerator off the line. No brake. I think they might get the car down to 11.4 or 11.5. Pretty quick stock car. The transmission upgrade seems to be a win/win for all. I wonder about those lawsuits now ?

Source : Edmunds Inside Line

Super Car Sunday Meet

L4P Sunday Fun Run

Fun on the way to Malibu

Source: Nagtroc Forums

Nissan R35 GTR Rear View Camera Kit

This kit works just like the japan spec model gtr rear camera. Once the car is put in REVERSE, the camera automatically turns on and shows on the oem display screen. Quality and finish are just like oem. Great picture quality day or night. Kit Includes top quality camera, switching unit, and detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures for the do-it yourself

Nissan R35 GTR Rear View Camera Kit

Feb 10, 2009

A Few Pictures From the Peterson Museum GT-R Book Signing

Just a couple of pictures from the Peterson Automotive Museum

Oregon Introduces Bill to Prohibit Sale of Aftermarket Parts

Oregon Introduces Bill to Prohibit Sale of Aftermarket Parts

At the request of Governor Theodore Kulongoski, the Oregon Speaker of the House has introduced legislation (H.B. 2186) to prohibit the sale and distribution of aftermarket motor vehicle parts if alternatives are available that “decrease greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles.” The bill is primarily focused on aftermarket tires and would authorize the Environmental Quality Commission to implement enforcement regulations, likely based on a rolling resistance calculation.

We Urge You to Contact Oregon Speaker of the House Dave Hunt and Members of the Environment and Water Committee (Contact Information Below) Immediately to Request Their Opposition to H.B. 2186

* H.B. 2186 would regulate vehicle fuel economy, an authority reserved to the federal government.

* H.B. 2186 could ban tires that may have improved performance, handling or appearance features, based solely on a rolling resistance rating. In addition, this program could easily distract consumers from focusing on more important safety issues such as tire inflation and overloading of vehicles.

* H.B. 2186 would force consumers to purchase only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires because the program essentially exempts OEM-selected tires and unfairly implies that they are superior to aftermarket products.

* H.B. 2186 could prohibit aftermarket parts designed to either personalize or optimize specific vehicle performance attributes including handling, towing, suspension, fuel economy, etc.

* H.B. 2186 provides broad authority to government regulators and could limit a range of aftermarket parts currently available to consumers based on the subjective determination of government regulators.

DON’T DELAY! Please contact Oregon Speaker Dave Hunt and the House Environment and Water Committee immediately to urge his opposition to H.B. 2186.

Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt
Phone: 503/986-1440
Email: rep.davehunt@state.or.us

Oregon House Environment and Water Committee

Representative Ben Cannon – Chair
Phone: 503/986-1446
Email: rep.bencannon@state.or.us

Representative Jules Bailey
Phone: 503/986-1442
Email: rep.juleskopelbailey@state.or.us

Representative Phil Barnhart
Phone: 503/986-1411
Email: rep.philbarnhart@state.or.us

Representative Cliff Bentz
Phone: 503/986-1460
Email: rep.cliffbentz@state.or.us

Representative Deborah Boone
Phone: 503/986-1432
Email: rep.deborahboone@state.or.us

Representative Vic Gilliam
Phone: 503/986-1418
Email: rep.vicgilliam@state.or.us

Representative Bob Jenson
Phone: 503/986-1458
Email: rep.bobjenson@state.or.us

Representative Jefferson Smith
Phone: 503/986-1447
Email: rep.jeffersonsmith@state.or.us

Don't let Oregon do this.

Feb 9, 2009

Nissan to cut 20,000 jobs Worldwide

Nissan is going to cut 12,000 jobs in Japan , and about 8,000 other jobs worldwide.

Nissan Motor needed to shed some excess weight. About 8.5% of its entire work force, 20,000 jobs, will be cut worldwide after the automaker on Monday forecast a net loss of 265.0 billion yen ($2.9 billion) for the current fiscal year.

The cutting of the jobs will save Nissan about $2.0 billion dollars in 2009.

Nissan sold 731,000 vehicles worldwide in the quarter ending December, down 18.6% from the comparable period a year earlier.

Shares of Nissan Motor dropped by 16 yen (18 cents), or 5.8%, to a 52-week low at 261.00 yen ($2.85), following the loss warning.

Source : Forbes.com

Feb 8, 2009

Red R35 GT-R DPE Wheels

Wheels and a color matched front lip.

Nissan R35 GT-R's for Sale.

Source : JDM Ego Blog

First Spec V GT-R Stops by Mines

The first production Nissan GT-R Spec V stopped by Mines recently. A customer that purchased the car stopped by to show Niikura the car.

Mines is planning to produce some parts for the Spec V. Like any car, anything good can be made better. Mines is good at making fast, subtle cars.

Source : Mines Blog

Feb 7, 2009

Password JDM : Rear Elevated Wing

The new Password:JDM Rear Elevated Spoiler. This is quality, stength and inovation all in one peice. Its designed to be strong, designed to be very light only 4.4lbs, it has the function of the stock 3rd brake light with included instructions, and has added downforce developed by Password:JDM.

By keeping the stock apperance and adjusting the layout approx. 60mm higher and 50mm farther back than stock. pitch is increased ever so slightly for just enough extra downforce without too much added drag.

This dry carbon rear wing will go on sale soon at an approximate cost of $2500

Source : GTR Center

Feb 5, 2009

GT-R EVOLUTION - Best Motoring DVD Trailer on GT Channel

Best Motoring DVD Trailer for GT-R Evolution. We start with the Amuse R35 GT-R Phantom time attack at Tsukuba Circuit. Followed by the IS-F VS M3 comparison and battle. The R35 GT-R VS The World 2. This giant battle at Motegi includes the new Nissan R356 GT-R, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Porsche 911 Turbo 6MT and -Lotus Exige S. Finishing up with the R35 GT-R 2008 "Kouki" Model R&D undercover at Nurburgring with an interview with the GT-R's Chief Vehicle engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno.

Go and buy the DVD.

11.34@120.85 . Stock GT-R with Trans Update

HybridMT from the NAGTROC forums took his 2009 Nissan GT-R to the dragstrip with the updated transmission software and ripped off an 11.34 ET at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, Louisiana.

60' 1.690
330 4.742
1/8 7.282
mph 95.43
1000 9.479
1/4 11.347
MPH 120.85

Thats under the 11.49 NHRA cutoff for most tracks. Most tracks will make you get a roll bar,and a firejacket to keep running. All with a stock car.

He says the car is bone stock, with Dunlops and the ECU upgrade.

Source : NAGTROC

Feb 4, 2009

GT-R Book Signing at Peterson Musem

Darin posted up some information for an event happening this Saturday , February ,7th.

...my car was invited to be displayed on the 2nd floor of the Petersen Automotive Museum this Saturday Feb 7th from 2-5pm for a special GTR book signing my author Alex Gorodji.


Mr Gorodji has been on the GTR scene since the beginning and has an excellent book full of details and images on the car line since its start.

His new Book "The Nissan GT-R. High Performance Manual. An International Guide to High-Performance Components", which will be published in 2009 by Veloce Publishing Co. (United Kingdom, but distributed world wide) will have my GTR proudly on it's COVER. This book is due out in Fall.

I am going to see if I can make it out. I lived by the Peterson Museum for about a year, and never went to it. I should really try and go .

I have known Alexander for a while. Since I was at Motorex. He built a couple of left hand drive GT-R's here in the US. Source : Nagtroc

January GT-R Sales

94 GT-Rs sold in January
1,824 GT-Rs

I think the numbers are a little low as Nissan was holding some cars for the transmission fix.

Lets see what February numbers say.

Source: Nagtroc and Inside Line

GT-R High Performance Manual

From Amazon.

Alexanders next book.

Do You Want a Spec V in the US ?

Nissan is not going to supply Spec V's to the US. However,like anything, where there is a will there is a way.

In the past, I have worked with several Registered Importers on vehicle importation and legalization. With a left hand drive version of the Spec V , and a US model GT-R, it is possible. Mizuno has said that America is not ready for the Spec V. The cars cost about $175,000 in Japan currently. The left hand drive cars have not been released yet, as far as I have heard. There will probably be a limited number of left hand drive cars, and they will be expensive at first. However, it is possible to start the paperwork prior to the vehicles release.
I would not expect NNA not to put up a fight, but with enough willing people, it would be possible to import and legalize a Spec V for the US. Who has to have one ? tyndago@gmail.com

Spec V Detail Shots

Jack from RB Motorsports was in Japan recently , and took a few detail shots of the Nissan GT-R Spec V.

15,750,000 yen. = $175,565 dollars. The US dollar to Yen sucks right now.
1680 kg= 3703.7 lbs.

Carbon fiber details. Even the seat rail cover. Thats cute.

The very expensive Recaro seats. Only about $18,000 for a pair.

Wonder whats behind that kindy of cheesy looking movers blanket in the rear seat area ?

Feb 3, 2009

Perrin Performance GT-R

Driving Sports posted up a few pictures and the specs of Perrin's R35 GT-R. Perrin from Oregon is well known for Subaru performance parts.

Modifications to the car.

H&R Sport Springs
PERRIN Hollow 19mm Rear Swaybar and Endlinks
H&R 15mm and 20mm TRAK+ Wheel Spacer
Wheels & Tires
O.Z. Botticelli III Silver w/Polished Lip (Supplied By Tire Rack)
Dunlop SP Sport 600
PERRIN Dual Intake System
PERRIN 3.5″ Catback Exhaust
PERRIN 3.5″ Y-pipe
COBB Tuning AccessPORT
500WHP on a Dynapack Dyno

model Cassie Hovaldt, photos by Travis Geny Source: Driving Sports

Nissan GT-R Spec V : America is Not Ready

A great write up on Nagtroc from Tekknikal.This was going to come out sooner or later. Mizuno definitely has a thing for Americans. The culture clash is there. Japan and the US has different ways of doing things. Not understanding the culture and preferences of a particular market can cause problems.

And then I had to ask. "Will it be coming to America?"


He had mentioned the US several times in his presentation, but I wasn't surprised by his answer. I wanted him to elaborate and hold no punches: "What are your thoughts of the American market?"

"America is not ready." He responded.

I nodded. Mizuno-san then proceeded to point to all the points on the car where the body and chassis were reinforced. He described how the forces impacted the roof of the car. He explained that the structural rigidity of the car would be compromised if the roof were simply replaced with a carbon fiber panel.

I then asked Mizuno-san why the car was called SpecV, as opposed to VSpec. His answer?

Intellectual Property issues.

That last line is Mizuno trying to distance himself from the past GT-R's. Nissan's line is still this is a GT-R,not a Skyline GT-R.By calling it a Spec V, they add one more layer of difference. Nissan has been using V Spec in Japan since 1993. They used it until 2002. They claimed that they had issues in the US market with the VSpec name. However if they aren't planning on bringing the car to the US, why stick the Spec V name. The Spec V name was used in the US, as Nissan Japan wouldn't let NNA use Vspec on the Sentra. Source: Nagtroc Forums

Feb 2, 2009


Randy from India posted up some pictures and information on a GR6 transmission error. Mostly what he found was small pieces of metal in the transmission that caused the solenoids to stick. Some really good information. Thanks for posting this up Randy.

the car is now in limp mode and I soon realize that only 1-3-5-R gears are working and I cant go above 30 miles. After checking the fault code with the Access Port we found the error code - 0732.

We then opened up the transmission valve body and found gear no -2 was jammed on Clutch A. Due to this the electronics kicked in going into fail safe mode and switching the transmission to Clutch B with 1-3-5-R only working.

Other observations - The oil was very dirty and was black in color we also found some small pieces of metal and there was a type of black metal paste on the Actuators.

Our first instinct was that this jamming of the gear has happened because of a solenoid failure.

So we removed the actuator pistons and cleaned them properly before installing them back we also found some small metal particle on the inside cover of the solenoids which we cleaned.

After the clean up process we installed the valve body back on the car then I used the Access port to clear the codes and then started up the car there with no codes and system check was OK. I take the car for a drive on Manual mode going through 1-2-3-4-5 .... At this stage we ruled out a broken gear as all were functioning perfect up and down. then try 6 nothing happens for a sec then the transmission light again comes back on going into failsafe mode with gears 1-3-5-R only working. We check the codes and we get-0729.

Technique on Installation of Valve Body -

Installing the valve body back into the transmission housing has to be done with the magnetic strip on the same side as the Gear Position Sensor - To do this you would need to use a hard copper wire and place it through the valve body holding the actuator piston ( If you look close at the actuator there is a hole in the center for this to be done) so we can insert this wire to hold the piston in place so that the magnetic strip is on the same side as the Gear Position Sensor.

-- I am sure Nissan - or Borg Warner is using a tool like this to install the valve body into the transmission.


Source : Nagtroc forums

Nissan GT-R to Sell in China for 1 Million Yuan

Beijing News reported that Nissan would start selling its GT-R in China for 1 million yuan ($147,000).

Ren Yong, vice general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicles Co., said the company will choose strong dealers in some key cities to sell the GT-R, given the highly demanding after-sales maintenance of the super sports car.

The import of the GT-R in China will be as a halo car for Nissan. Nissan has seen its sales slip as it focused on Infiniti sales in China.

Source : Huliq News

Left Hand Drive Spec V GT-R

Kris over at GTRBlog noticed this Spec V GT-R in a Best Motoring video.

It is very unlikely that the car is coming to the US, so the next big left hand drive market would be the middle east. Its very possible where a few left hand drive Spec V's could be heading.

No sub's in the rear seat area, however there is still a cupholder back there. Cupholder and movers blankets to cover the rear seat area.

Source : GTR Blog