Cobb Tuning Access Port Release Date - August 18

From CBA-R35

The public release date for sales to begin will be set for August 18th.

The maps (flashes) that will be programmed on the AccessPORT are as follows:
Stage 1 (for stock cars, including cat-back exhaust)
Stage 2 (for cars with full aftermarket exhausts, including decat)
Anti Theft (security mode, car will not start)
Valet Mode (reduces rev limit and power level, so car can not be driven aggressively by others)
Stock Style (normal tune with only speed limiter removed)
Economy (maximum fuel economy mode, sacrificing performance for better fuel economy)

Any updates to this maps, or additional maps, will be made available for download from the Cobb website at no additional charge.

More offical news, including official dyno results, will be made available on the public release date of 18th Aug

AccessPORT for GT-R (R35)

Feature List:
• Reflashes ECU through factory Data Port (OBD)
• Ability to uninstall and revert back to original (stock) ECU data
• Ability to store multiple maps on unit, allows switching between maps at user's convenience
• Ability to read DTCs (trouble codes) from the ECU, BCM, Multi-AV, IPDM, Pre-crash Seat Belt, Meter/M&A, and Adaptive HL computers
• Ability to clear DTCs (trouble codes) from all vehicle computers including infamous “Bonnet Light”
• Ability to update reflash maps as improvements become available
• Firmware is Internet updatable (new features may be added as they become available)

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