Mines R35 GT-R vs Spoon NSX-R GT

From NSX Prime coming soon to GT Channel

The NSX-R GT looked very smooth and balanced out on the track clocking a 1:25xx. (Billy can comment on this as he also drove it, I respectfully declined the offer out of fear.) The Mine’s R35 also clocked a 1:25xx which was also very impressive. So head to head it was pretty much even! It was good to see an older tech car with less hp and RWD be able to hang with today’s new AWD Japanese Super Car.

I took a few photos of the NSX-R GT when I stopped by M-Workz last week.

For those interested the videos will be shown on in the near future, its definitely worth watching as it compares the stock NA2 to the Spoon NSX-R GT to the Factor X Racing Unlimited NSX. Thank you Taro and crew at Zig Zag Asia!

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