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The Economic Times

"We've been chatting for over an hour now, and it seems like the conversation's just begun. The 57-year-old Japanese design veteran sitting across the table is as humble as can be, and though I was non-existent for him until yesterday, he speaks as though I am an old friend. It's a dream come true - the Nissan GT-R is one of my favourite cars, and I'm here, sitting face-to-face with the man who penned the legend - Shiro Nakamura.

Nakamura san is currently the Senior Vice President and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) Design & Brand Management at Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. but his illustrious career began way back in 1974 in Japan at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo where he graduated as a Bachelor of Art in Industrial Design. Following his graduation he joined Isuzu Motors Ltd. After that came a migration to the USA to attend the now-famed Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, California. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Transportation Design (1981), he went on to join General Motors Advance Design Studio in 1985. After a jump back to Isuzu in 1989 where he climbed up the ranks for ten years and gave the world what is till today regarded as one of the best looking SUVs ever - the Isuzu Vehicross, he finally made his move to Nissan in 1999. "

"Nakamura san is extremely cautious before giving out any information about the new Micra - the small car that will most certainly make its way to India. "All I can say is that it's an evolution of the existing Micra" he quips. We try getting more information out of him, but he's a wall of solid resolve. Instead, he gives us something else to think about, "There will be a new Z in November, and we're also working on a sports car smaller than both the Z and the GT-R. "

Hints at the upcoming - S16 , Siliva replacement car. Interesting that he went to school here in Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

Sorry mate,
Just had to write to tell you that Nakamura did not pen this legend. He might be in charge of design but he did not 'pen' this car. He has a team of designers to do that for him. Ask anyone at Nissan. A Chief Creative Officer does not sit down and sketch cars...

A concerned reader

Sean Morris said...

The blog post is quoted from an article in the Economic Times. I was just reposting some of the parts that I found interesting. Often times someone is "picked" to be the voice or face of a car. It happens a bit.

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