GT-R to Obtain SEVS Approval in Australia

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This approval means that at least one importer, a company called GT Compliance according to the RVCS (Road Vehicle Certification System) web site, can now import and comply the new GT-R for road use in Australia as a low volume ‘grey’ import. It also opens the door for other grey importers, since they now know it’s possible to do so.

Nissan Australia has been lobbying to stop the GT-R from obtaining SEVS approval. Nissan sees grey imports as a threat to business, despite the fact that grey import Skylines in the mid-90’s have probably brought as many people to the brand as the 200SXs, Maximas and Pulsars that Nissan Australia imports. With a halo model as desirable as the GT-R, Nissan fears these early imports could take the wind out of their marketing sails.

Australia gets R35 GT-R's early "grey market" but approved. Click though to a link to the SEVS report

Under SEVS rules, the cars must be “new” (less than 300km on the clock) and importers can only bring in the GT-Rs until Nissan officially imports the vehicle. However, those who must have the fanciest toys immediately, and they don’t get much more desirable than the latest GT-R, might now be running to their grey importer with a fistful of yen.

Nissan R35 GT-R SEVS Report

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Anonymous said...

Hasn't Nissan Australia said that they won't look after anyone with one of these imports!! Sounds like a lot to pay for a grey import with no back-up and no servicing.

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