HKS GT570 Racing Package

* All required parts to improve performance of R35 GT-R in a package.
* By installation of this package, performance is greatly improved to 570PS.
* By reduced exhaust resistance, boost increasing characteristics is improved.
* EVC with base data and reinforced actuator prevents boost drop.
* For high boost, intercooler hoses are fully replaced with aluminum pipes.

- It cannot be used with other manufacturers' ECUs and air cleaners.
- Factory boost setting of actuator is at 90-95kPa. (In order to change setting of actuator, EVC data also needs to be changed.)
- Boost pressure needs to be less than 120kPa. (Fuel injection volume will not be enough.)
- Although EVC has the base data, it is recommended to adjust for each individual vehicle.

* As catalytic converters will be removed, it is only for motorsport use.
* Since it is for motorsport purpose, there is no warranty for failure of engine or other components.
* It is not road legal as catalytic converters will be removed.

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