Building the Nissan GT-R Engine : VR38DETT

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This is a few weeks old, but I never posted it up. Just ran across it again.

Each VR38 engine is built by a single, specially trained operator, who assembles about 700 parts during the 100 minutes that Nissan judiciously allots for completion of the task. According to Nissan, five primary steps make up the process of finishing the incredible 480-hp, 430-lb-ft, 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged monster V-6:

An exploded VR38DETT - edit - I didn't look at the picture too closely. Thats not a VR38..

Wrong picture in that Automobile article. Not literally exploded.

Elsewhere in the factory, which builds four other types of engines, robotized carts roll around on tracks in the floor, carrying parts from station to station. Hilariously, the carts are accompanied by a sound track much like that of an American ice-cream truck, playing songs including “It’s a Small World” and “Swan Lake.”

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Anonymous said...

that motor looks like a 4 cyl...

Sean Morris said...

That is a 4 cylinder. Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't actually look at the picture too closely.

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