GT-R Spec V ?: Vspec ? : Evolution ?

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Well a new report from AutoTelegraaf says that the V-Spec will debut this October at the Paris Motor Show.

According to sources, the faster Nissan GT-R may not carry a V-Spec badge. That could clear up rumors for an ‘Evolution’ model - meaning the V-Spec may be called the ‘Evolution’ instead.

Sources also say that the Nissan GT-R variant will get an extra 100 horsepower for a total of 580-hp. With that will technical adjustments that will drop the weight by 200-lb.

I don't see Nissan calling it an Evolution, when Mitsubishi already has an Evolution.

The article also says it should make a US debut in early 2009. They might mean 2010.

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MindlessOath said...

car and driver talked to nissan and said it would be out 2010 in the usa, mabe later, but because of sales they didnt want to release it to early.

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