MindlessOath said...

fans of the mustang are going to love this one. sad really. ya its a mustang, but its on a roll where alot of other v8's especially v8s with modifications and loads more power will destroy in a strait line, especially in a roll. get ride of these stupid strait line vids is what i say, we all know the outcome... put that mustang cobra on the race track and see who wins, the r35 with no mods or the mustang with more hp and more mods... ya thats right baby, the r35 will win!

Anonymous said...

actually griggs racing would take a GR40TT mustang and beat a GTR for a cheaper price.

Also dude, you need to do some research. If you really think mustangs or V8's only work well in straight lines, check out American Iron series or the Koni Challenge or even look at the Viper ACR posted on this site! It better the GTR's time by 7 seconds at the ring! Last time i checked the ring wasn't a straight line course.

MindlessOath said...

i know modified mustangs would beat alot of stuff. but bone stock its a strait line racer. especially the owners. i would love to buy one and put some coilovers on it and some nicer tires and it would rule the track. like you say. ford also has like 50 compaines that modify and sell mustangs. and yes, there are mustang races but like its said they are mostly modified with suspension parts. The chassis of the mustangs are actually really really good now compaired to the past mustangs, and that makes them much better for the race track. i agree.

but i dont know many people that are into that demograph and own a mustang. and i goto the track and auto-x alot.

and the viper is not a v8 and its an srt10 acr which was made for track only (but road legal) so thats just a dub way to say what your saying.

your not a bad guy, but dont warp my words, i agree with you in some respects as you have seen.

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