GR6 Transmission Clutch Settings

There are 15 different settings for the clutch touch point, and capacity.
I think in order to "tune" the new GT-R, you are going to have to go into the transmission ECU as much as the engine ECU.
ROM tuned transmissions soon ? Reflash your transmissions capacity ? Lockup points ? Launch RPM ?

Now(2010) there is the Cobb AccessPORT with TCM support. Or the NIS006.  

The AccessPORT with TCM support offers Clutch Capacity adjustment, which controls the hydraulic pressure applied to the clutch plates. Yet another on the fly adjustment without the need for a reflash, simply select Clutch Capacity from the AccessPORT menu to reveal +/-7 levels of adjustment to control clutch clamping force.


MindlessOath said...

cobb tuning already know about this. im not certain to what extent they are using the info.

Sean Morris said...

I wonder where they got that information from ?

MindlessOath said...

they said they were snooping around and found it all in there.

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