GR6 Transmission Internals Showing Cracked Gear

Martin Donnon from Nagtroc has posted up some pictures and information on the internals of a Nissan GT-R GR6 tranmission with first gear showing some cracks.

Heres first gear on a GR6 transmission. This transmission has been launched, but the number of times is not known. it looks like just a few more times, and we have a stripped gearbox on our hands. This is not a pretty picture. Hand deburring, shot peening , better fluid all might go to helping this gearbox out.

Martin is offering WR35TM oil specially blended in Australia, to help out with the premature wear in the transmission.

The fluid itself is a co-project between our company and one of Australias leading lubrication companies who have the engineering facilities to analyse and blend the fluid to exacting specifications. The clutch material in the GR6 has been analysed, and we can confidently tell you that WR35TM will protect the clutch linings better than the factory fluid with a temperature span of -20 - +150C. In fact should it get so hot (unlikely) the lubricity of WR35TM is something like 50 times that of the stock fluid at 130 degrees on the dash.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you for a fact that the Willall lubricants are simply "stickered" and sold on products. Same with all the Willall products. They don't actually make anything. The R & D dept Donnon goes on about doesn't exist. Martin is simply a "wikipedia" expert on everything. Knows bugger all, but uses google to become an expert on it!

Anonymous said...

We have had a few problems with the Willall oil. Slipping clutches and throwing pressure regulation faultcodes. Also the warranty is gone!!

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