Pre-Orders for the Spec-V GT-R Start December 19th

Have a spare 15,750,000 yen ? Nissan will start taking pre-orders for the Spec V Nissan GT-R starting tomorrow in Japan. The release of the Spec V is set to January 8th, 2009

Power is rated at 485ps with an overboost button. GT-R World says that it has 80 seconds of overboost, and then it needs to reset Maybe 80 seconds on, 80 seconds off. What exactly that means, we will find out a little clearer in the next few weeks.

The biggest, and most significant change is the carbon ceramic brakes. These would contribute greatly to the overall weight reduction of(edit - 132 lbs - 1680kg-3703 lbs) 90kg (198 lbs). To replace the brakes, expect a cost of 4,000,000 yen or about $45,300 dollars. Yes thats right. $45,000 to do a brake job on the Spec V. The expected weight of the Spec V is 1637kg(3608 lbs), still no flyweight.

Many of the parts that we first heard of and saw on the Nismo "Clubsport" GT-R are on the Spec V.

The titanium exhaust and diffuser.

The carbon fiber seats.

The suspension is 10-15 mm lower, and the suspension setting is fixed in the "R" mode. The front lip will have a carbon brake duct located in it.

Volume is expected to be 30 units per month in Japan. The Spec V will only be available though 7 selected dealerships in Japan. The requirements for this vehicle are very high, which is why we should not expect to see this car in the United States.

GT-R World quotes Tim Gallagher of Nissan North America, and says that the Spec V is not expected to be available in North America.

Source: GT-R World though GT-R Blog

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