Quickest GT-R in the US : 10.852@128 mph

Johnturbo from Florida ran a new quarter mile record for GT-R's in the US. It was run off the LC a 1.61 60 foot, which is fast when most GT-R's have been seeing 1.8 60 foot times. Every tenth in the 60 foot is worth about two tenths at the end of the drag strip.

Time slip and Mods list after the jump

HKS GT570 Kit - Boost set to 17psi
Amuse STTI Exhaust (Catback)
Harman Motive Air Intake System
Custom Methanol Injection
Custom Cobb Map (Thanks John!)
18" Volk TE37s w/Mickey Thompson drag radials
Fuel: Mix of 93 and 109. I added a few gallons of 109 to just under a 1/3 tank of 93.
* Side Note: This car has a chromoly rollcage that probably adds 80-90lbs to the car's weight.

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