2009 GT-R : Gas Saver ?

Edmunds Inside Line has a blog posting of their results driving a Subaru WRX STI and a Nissan GT-R under real world conditions. The GT-R's GR6 transmission fairly aggressively upshifts under normal cruise conditions.

The results ? The Nissan got better gas mileage than the WRX STI.

In mixed city/highway driving in LA ,which could be similar in speed,the STI did 16.5 mpg. The GT-R managed nearly 20 mpg , 19.7. So the question is, if you drive your GT-R normally, what kind of mileage do you see ? Hypermiling in a GT-R ? I think most people don't care too much about gas mileage, even less now that gas prices have dropped down near and under $2.00 a gallon.


Mike M Images said...

bah! operator error

STi only comes in MT no AT so thats why, they didnt shift right.

Sean Morris said...

Don't hate... what kind of gas mileage do you get ?

Unknown said...

I got 25 mpg in the 2008 STi and never could break the 20 mpg in the 2009 GTR. That is mixed driving in Atlanta traffic. The highest gas mileage I got was 27 MPG in the 2008 STi and 19 point something in the 2009 GTR (both all highway at 60 MPH).

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