Quad Charged R35 GT-R : Option Article Translated

Thanks to Zeal Northgate from Myspace for the translation on this article.

RB Motorsports used to deal with Power Enterprise here in the US. They had some very interesting and unique products.

The big problem with this kit, and all centrifugal superchargers is they ramp up boost with RPM.The more RPM's you turn, the more boost it makes. However, this doesn't make up for the deficiencies in turbochargers lack of low end response for most people. In order to get low end response, you need a roots style, or screw supercharger. There was a great article by Richard Holdener on twin turbo,vs supercharger setups on a Mustang engine.

Power Enterprise also mentions their piggy back ECU, that will add air/fuel control ,igniton control, nitrous control, boost control , launch control,additional injector controller, and variable cam control. They also add the option for D-Jetro or non mass air flow meter control of the engine. I am not a big fan of piggy back ECU's, but it will be interesting to see how it works out. One additional thing they mention is nice to hear, a way to cancel the stock A/F ratio correction.

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