Nismo Festival 2008 Pictures

Do you read Japanese ? Neither do I. I can look at the pretty pictures, and use Google to translate webpages though.

"NEW LEGEND OF RACING GT-R" in the main event, former Special Battle of GT-R. 5台の08年R35GT仕様に加え、4台のR34GT仕様、R33GT仕様、R34S耐仕様が各1台、そして3台のR32Gr.A仕様の計14台のGT-Rが10周の模擬レースを走る。 R35GT specifications five in 2008, as well as four R34GT specifications, R33GT specifications, R34S耐仕one from each, and Spec R32Gr.A a total of three units of the GT-R 14 laps of the 10 simulated race Run.

I think what the translator is trying to say is that there was a 10 lap simulated race between Group A R32's , R33's , R34's and R35's. GT-R

Its always best to see race cars on the race track.

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Anonymous said...

I put more effort into my report on this race just for you Sean. ;) Shin was telling me he met you at Sema too.

Anyways it was a great day but would've been better if Nissan didn't ban modified GT-Rs from attending!

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