Jotech R35 GT-R HKS GT570 Kit Results

JanGTR183 VR38DETT Engine Mods:

HKS GT570 Kit: Downpipes, Y-Pipe, Actuators, Boost Controller, I/C pipes, HKS Plugs HKS Legamax Exhaust System

Cobb AP

SSP Plenum / TB Spacers


Extrude Hone Intake Manifold


AEM Uego Guage

Results after the jump:

ADyno Results (Mustang Dyno): Pump Gas Before 372hp / 356tq @ wheels (10psi) After: 548hp / 540tq @ wheels (19psi) Net Gains: 176hp / 184tq @ wheels That is a huge power gain. The old rule of thumb is 10hp is about 0.1 seconds in the quarter mile. It should make this car fairly capable in a quarter mile. HKS R35 GT-R Parts on ebay.

Source : Nagtroc

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Thomas said...

There are some sweet high powered GTR's roaming around! I love it...I can't wait till Jotech really sinks its teeth into a GTR....they have a Evo 9 with 645 hp!

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