My 2008 Year in Review

My 2008 year in review


Started the year off on the east coast. I spent New Years in Washington,DC with the Mischief guys. The day I got home, my 240 got shortened by a Suburban. I went to the NHRA museum in Pomona, CA.Went and saw the FNF4 garage. Supaca Imports came and went. Some R34 GT-R's and S15 got seized. Watched some cars drag racing at Fontana. Gas was only 2.99 per gallon .The Gucci Cadillac was waiting for Bdubb. He eventually bought it and we drove it to Chicago.


Started on the trip planning to Chicago in the Gucci Caddy. Loading up the Caddy in MDR. It was cold on the trip. This says 16 F. Just after that, we hit a retread on the freeway, which pushed the torque converter cover into the torque converter. It sounded bad, but a few minutes later in the freezing cold it was off. We made it to Chicago in the Gucci Caddy. No problems. No tickets, not even a second look. We didn't even have license plates on the car. Another idiot - the Skyline King. They never go away, new ones just pop up. D1 cancels its 2008 series in the US ? Go karting at Kart Factory, which from reports is closed now. Its location was a little out of the way and hidden.


Worked on the car lot at Inland Wholesale Auto Center, Bloomington ,CA. Supaca came back with more, and more. I went and tried to visit them in their "office". Then Drift Tuners from Canada decided to be idiots too. Import cars regardless if they are legal or not. The Jspec Connect R35 GT-R went on the dyno. Josh's R33 GT-R was in a movie - Street Racers. Diesel got expensive 4.39 a gallon. Saw a Bugatti Veryon in the parking garage at the building. R32,R33,R34,R35 GT-R's went to HIN LA. A GT-R got stolen from a car dealer in Canada and was recovered by the interweb. Cleaned up a garage. Bdubb had a party with a hot dog cart.


GT-R's at Universal City Nissan. Gas was $4.05. Moving trucks are slow. Did a little more FNF4 stuff. Sent an Airstream aluminum trailer to Australia on a flat rack. Worked on Targa Newfoundland GT-R planning, but ran out of time and money for 2008.


R34 GT-R Service Manual in English.Saw the 2009 Nissan Maxima at Stillen.


The Street Racer movie that Josh's R33 appeared in came to DVD. After 17 years the F150 was not the top selling vehicle in the US. Went to Cars and Coffee. I got my R35 GT-R. NOPI canceled Colorado and Utah events. I found R35 GT-R's at the port in Long Beach. More illegal Skylines were seized. More GT-R's were seized in Florida.


Formula Drift didn't like Skylines. 0-60 article on Motorex was released. An R35 GT-R was following an R35 GT-R. Four GT-R's got loaded for the trip overseas. NOPI canceled the nationals and the rest of their events. Went to Arizona to buy an R35 GT-R. Cobb R35 GT-R vs FAS R34 at Time Attack. Went to the Top Gear pilot filming.


Went to HIN Night shift at Pomona with a few GT-R's. The Fast and Furious 4 trailer was released.


Went to NASA Nationals, towing Dan's Scion. Mid Ohio tried to kill me. Or the tail end of Ike tried to kill me actually. Saw a Chevrolet Volt.


Ran Jeffs car on the dyno. Took it down the 1/8th mile at Irwindale. Saw some horses race each other at Santa Anita park. Import Tuner magazine had a 10th anniversary party. November was going to be a busy month. Turbo Magazine was killed off by Source Interlink. I cut a GT-R pumpkin for Halloween.


Went to SEMA. There were 24 R35 GT-R's at the show Went to Time Attack. Matt Andrews won the RWD Street, and RWD Modified classes Went to Red Bull Drifting. Went to the LA Auto Show. Source Interlink killed Sport Compact Car Magazine. Another one bites the dust. SCC will be missed. Went 11.0@131 mph in Jeffs R32.


Super Lap Battle Results. Started selling R35 GT-R Service Manuals on CD. Fast and Furious 4 releasing April 2009 . DriftTuners popped up again talking big talk. They faded away pretty quickly when we called their bluff. RB30's. An R35 GT-R went 10.53. The seven quickest 1/4 mile Nissan GTR's in the US. 12 R35 GT-R's went to Buttonwillow. No transmissions broke.

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