Nov 30, 2008

Nissan GT-R MFD Harness Kit

Want to watch video on your MFD on your GT-R ? This is a plug and play kit using OEM Nissan parts that allows you to plug your source(DVD, iPod, etc) into the screen.

GT-R Video Harness Adaptor Kit

Spec V Specifications Confirmed

These are the "confirmed" rumors from GT-R Blog via GT-R The release date is set at January 8th, 2009 in Japan


* Engine output increased to 485 ps
* Transmission mode selection button has been removed
* Overboost button for increased midrange boost during overtaking
* Carbon brakes


* Carbon fiber MFD surround
* Carbon fiber mirror switch surround
* Black interior only
* Silver painted panels are now chrome
* Carbon fiber front seats (Recaro)
* Carbon fiber rear shelf replaces seats


* Carbon fiber grille painted matte clear
* Carbon fiber rear wing painted matte clear
* Carbon fiber ducts in front lip spoiler
* New color available: Ultimate Black Pearl, this is said to be a purplish black
* Available colors: Ultimate Black Pearl, Brilliant White (new for MY09), Red, Dark Metal Gray, Black

Wheels and Suspension:

* Rays 20″ Forged Aluminum Wheels
* Bilstein Damptronic suspension upgraded, superior in performance to the Nismo ClubSport package suspension

Optional Extras:

* Dunlop Tires (no cost option)
* Thatcham alarm system
* BOSE Sound System and ETC (Electronic Toll Card system)
* Ultimate Black Pearl Paint - a 577,500 yen option

The Bottom Line

* Base Price: 15,750,000 yen($165,422) excluding tax
* Fully Optioned: 16,978,500 yen($178 325) excluding tax

It is said to be 2 seconds a lap faster than a normal Series II GT-R at Sendai Raceway. And all that for only about two and a half times the price of a standard GT-R. I had heard rumors of the "push to pass" button like the Porsche overboost function. It is still unknown if this car will make it to the US market, or any other market. The price and maintenance requirements put it out of reach of the capabilities of most.

Nov 26, 2008

Maisto 1/24th Scale Nissan GT-R Progress

Maisto Blog

Maisto has an update on their progress with their 1/24th scale R35 die cast. It seems that Nissan didn't like the shape of the hood, so they have resubmitted three different hoods with variations.

They are in progress, just having fun bouncing back and forth.

2009 GT-R : Not For Cry Babies : Inside Line Blog

The Nissan GT-R is a fast car. It doesn't make excuses for being a fast car. It doesn't try to pretend it's a limousine or a minivan, a crossover or a commuter. It's exactly the automobile we've been asking for, a hard-bitten performance car.

It is not for crybabies.
Race cars for big boys that can handle some quirks. If you can't handle them, grab your vagina and get in your Camry.

The GT-R is a racing car for the street, not a 480-hp Lexus. Its eccentricities are part of the price you pay.

The only way the 2009 Nissan GT-R could be better would be if it, you know, occasionally caught on fire.

I like what Michael Jordan has to say. There are waviers that Nissan has the owners sign when they purchase a car. They are/were afraid that people would think that it was a Lexus. Its not. Its a real performance car. Its a car getting a hard time right now over a couple of failed transmissions, and a launch control that was not "officially" advertised, but the worst kept secret in the car world this year.

Cobb Tuning Access Port Pro

From Cobb Blog
COBB Tuning announces the release of AccessTUNER Pro v1.7 for the Nissan GT-R R35. This release marks the world’s first publicly available tuning software to create custom ECU calibrations for the extremely popular Nissan GT-R. Using AccessTUNER Pro v1.7, professional engine tuners can configure the GT-R ECU to extract maximum power from a given set of performance modifications. Professional engine tuners can create custom calibrations for vehicles with aftermarket intakes, exhausts, turbos, cams or any combination of performance modifications. The calibration is then flashed to the ECU via the AccessPORT handheld ECU flashing device, providing impressive power gains with all of the drive-ability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU.

AccessTUNER Pro puts control of vital engine parameters into the hands of the professional engine tuner, such as intake and exhaust cam timing, fuel, ignition, boost, boost limiter, engine rev limiter and speed limiter. Customizable data monitors let the tuner choose which channels are monitored to see how changes impact the behavior of the engine. The built-in datalogging capability captures data from multiple channels across the entire rev-range, allowing detailed data analysis after a dynamometer test. 3-D graphical mapping gives the tuner a comprehensive view of engine behavior across three axes to evaluate where performance can be maximized.

AccessTUNER Pro v1.7 is supported on Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit operating systems. The USDM 2009 GT-R and JDM 2008 GT-R are currently supported.

For more information on how to join the COBB Pro Tuner network and become one of the world’s first professional engine tuners of the mighty Nissan GT-R R35, please contact COBB Tuning Sales at (801) 713-0443 or send email to

Custom tunes coming up. Now they just need some more injector, more turbo, and good transmission control.

Nov 25, 2008

Cutting a GT-R in Half

From GT-R Blog

An Australian company has purchased an R35 GT-R that has had a side impact. They purchased the crashed car to use as parts to support some of the R35 GT-R race cars in Australia. A crashed car is often the cheapest way to get spare parts.

In order to import it into a country easier, cars are often cut in half, so they are no longer cars. Just what we call a front clip, or half cut.

Video after the jump and a few more over on GT-R Blog

Nov 24, 2008

Stillen GT-R License Plate Bracket

STILLEN is releasing a new license plate bracket for the front of a Nissan GT-R. It uses the existing tow hook on the front of the GT-R, so you don't need to drill holes in your front bumper.
From Stillen Blog

October GT-R Sales 321 Units

Better late than never. SEMA and the rest of the events in November have made some things a little slow up get up. 321 GT-R sales in October bringing the total US sales since July to 1,373.

From Nissan News

Overall though a bad month for cars sales. A bad month for Nissan car sales down 33 percent, and truck sales down 51.8 percent.

Snap On GT-R Toolbox

Snap On "There is a difference" , has just released a special edition of its 10 drawer tool box. Available only though Nissan dealerships with a limited quantity of 635 boxes. The price is $5,971

I also took a few pictures of other "custom" Snap On Tool Boxes at the Red Bull Drifting Championships. Some of the other boxes after the jump

10.88 @ 133 mph R35 GT-R - No Launch Control

From via GT-R Blog

Animal House Racing has managed to turn a 10.88@133 mph pass in their R35 GT-R. The 60 foot was 1.858 which is a quick as I have heard of so far with no LC.

Animal House Racing 10.88 @133.50MPH Modifications to the car are: AHR Ceramic Wheel Bearings

AHR Ceramic Pulley Bearings

AHR Thermal Gasket Set

AHR Race Y-Pipe

COBB Tuning AccessPORT (custom tuned)

93 PUMP GAS w/1 gallon 100 oct

Not too bad. 133 mph is high. Nearly 4 mph higher than any other car so far. 129 mph was what the two GT570 cars ran.

Nov 21, 2008

Drivers Republic Test. GT-R vs 911 GT2

Drivers Republic recently pitted a 911 GT2 vs an R35 GT-R. The 911 was supplied by Porsche, the GT-R came via customer though Japan. The story is here.

Chris Harris was the driver and he drove each car for three laps (one out lap, and two flying laps). Chris successfully competed in the VLN race that weekend so was race-fit and needed no acclimatisation with the circuit. On a slightly damp track, the GT2 goes 7:49. The GT-R goes 7:55. Videos over at the Drivers Republic site.

Thats how they score it. More fuel for the fire.

Nissan Going Back to the Nurburgring With 2010 GT-R

Nissan is making plans to head back to the Nurburgring with a revised 2010(MY 2009 in Japan) Nissan GT-R. There are some minor changes with the 2010 car, and we get the feeling is that this may be enough to go under the Corvette ZR1's official time of 7:26.4.There was some buzz about a 7:22.4, but it was never substantiated. The Dodge Viper ACR did a 7:22.1, but we weren't impressed as that car is much closer to a race car you can purchase from a dealer than a street car. Porsche said they had problems duplicating Nissans time, so Nissan put out a explanation of their test procedures. A quicker time, will undoubtedly bring out the naysayers once again.
For 2010 the Nissan GT-R is getting a small power bump to 485 ps. A new compound Dunlop tire that is said to be quicker and quieter. Some suspension valving tweaks. This might all add up to a base vehicle that is quicker and faster than the 2009 MY GT-R.

R35 GT-R in Dub's Booth At LA Auto Show

Many cars from SEMA make it to the LA Auto Show. .

Nov 19, 2008

Some Videos from the LA Auto Show.

370Z Rev Match Video VQ37VHR VVEL Video Ferrari California
Porsche PDK Transmission Cutaway.

3.8 liter direct injection engine.

2010 Mustang Underside

Inside Line Says 2010 GT-R Will Lose Launch Control

I posted up about Launch Control a few days ago.

Edmunds Inside Line did some probing and they found...

o we asked and asked and asked. We asked three Nissan employees: one from the public relations department, one from engineering and one high-ranking executive. The first two confirmed its removal was being considered seriously, but the decision had not yet been made. Then the high-ranking executive confirmed the bad news.

"It's gone," he said when asked if launch control would return in 2010. "We just don't want to deal with the warranty nightmare anymore. It'll make the 2009 GT-R really special. It'll be the only R35 with launch control."

Now what happens to 0-60 times. Is this really what they want to do ? Now the aftermarket is going to have to figure out launch strategies for the car.

Cobb Tuning Anti- Sway Bar Kit

The COBB GT-R Anti-Sway Bar kit was developed using sound motorsports engineering principles and further validated by hundreds of miles of on-track testing and competition on the COBB GT-R Time Attack car. Overall roll stiffness is increased which allows the driver to attack the corners, rewarding him with razor sharp turn-in response, reduced mid-corner understeer and improved corner-exit balance. This all translates to increased confidence while driving the GT-R at its limits!

The COBB GT-R Anti-Sway Bar kit has multiple settings both front and rear, giving additional adjustment so handling can be tuned to driver preference. The tubular design allows significant rate increases (up to 94% over stock) with a minimal weight penalty of only 2.7 pounds. The included polyurethane bushings eliminate flex and provide immediate transient response that the driver can feel.

This kit is a direct replacement for the factory equipment and works with all of the factory undertray pieces. The mounting hardware and factory endlinks are retained while new mounting straps designed for higher loads are provided front and rear. The lightweight tubular bars are CNC bent for exceptional quality control and perfect fitment. Integrated locator rings retain the bars in their proper position and prevent walking during high G cornering maneuvers. This kit is also compatible with the ultra-adjustable COBB GT-R Coilover Sleeve system.

The COBB GT-R Anti-Sway Bars complement the GT-R’s awesome power with exceptional balance and make the turns as exciting as the straights!

COBB GT-R Anti-Sway Bar Features:
• Two position front bar: 53% and 94% rate increase
• Three position rear bar: 40%, 63% and 94% rate increase
• Complements the COBB GT-R Coilover Sleeve System
• Tubular bars for minimal weight • CNC bent for precise fit
• Polyurethane bushings for immediate response
• Integrated bar locaters to prevent “bar walk”
• Tough powder coat exterior for weathering the elements

From Cobb Blog. Say that 4 times fast.

Stiffer is better. Adjustable is better.

Nov 18, 2008

More Information on the Haltech R35 Engine Failure

I first mentioned this about a week ago. Haltech had supposedly blown up their engine on their R35 GT-R. Here is some more information about the failure.
The Haltech R35 GTR Skyline had a catastrophic blow up on Friday the 24th if October. Our GTR has been running on a new platform of Haltech engine management flawlessly for over 5000km's now.

The car was being track tested at Eastern Creek raceway
(Eastern Creek International Raceway - Australia) when the engine let go. The car had completed countless flat out laps with the engine producing 400kw at the wheels, up from 300kw at the wheels - The driver tells me it was a terrific ride!

After finishing Haltech's latest Flat shifting calibrations a few more test laps had to be carried out. With no sign of trouble the car went out and successfully completed 2 more laps before finishing up on the side of the track leaving a trail of oil and plume of smoke behind it.

It was time to put it in the trailer and go back to the workshop to pull it down. After building up enough courage our in-house mechanic
removed the VR38DETT from the car and set it up on the engine stand.
A few hours later the engine was fully stripped and the damage to the engine was clear - It appears Haltech have found the limits of Nissans new super car!
The engine had met its maker.

Piston #1 and #3 had separated from their lower halves right through the center of the gudgeon pin. As the Conrod's had no piston's to guide them up and down the bore they started smashing the bore, block, oil pump, sump and anything else that got in their way.

Due to the massive damage to the block we will need to replace it. And figure it's a great time to make the engine a little stronger. We will be boring the motor out and installing Darton sleeves, replacing the factory cast pistons with a study Forged unit as well as installing a set of Billet conrods. This should allow the engine to reliably produce
over 400Kw at the wheels and handle the pressure.
Interesting failure if what they say is true. Normally that kind of failure is due to over revving. Its always possible with track use. Depends on how their ECU and transmission ECU interact.

Failures suck, but give you a chance to build it bigger stronger.

2009 Motor Trend Magazine Car of the Year Winner

Its all over and the Nissan GT-R wins the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award.

There were 17 finalists that were then cut down to the final 10.

The 2009 GT-R, the sixth generation of Nissan's flagship sports car, is the first to come from a "clean-slate" design-all others were based on JDM Skyline models-and the first to be globally mark
They say this, but you shouldn't always believe what you read.

Videos after the jump.

0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds. 1/4 mile in 11.5@121. 1.0 G on the skidpad. The one they tested was a strong one.

Nov 17, 2008

IDRC Fontana November 22-23 - GT-R Meet

New and Improved. Now 2 Days.

Lets all go Drug battle.....

2009 Model Year Japan Changes : Series II

Nothing is ever perfect right ? Always can be upgraded ? Nissans first stance on the GT-R was there was no need for the aftermarket. They have made some changes, price increases for the 2009 model year in Japan. From GT-R Blog here and here.The first round of things that were getting some changes were an increase in rated power to 485 ps. This I am sure is not due to any actual changes, just they find that 485 is closer to what the engines actually put out. They don't need to advertise the car as exactly the same power as the 911 turbo anymore, as the 911 is getting upgrades.

The Brembo calipers are going to be rebadged to Nissans. I heard a while ago they were going to get Akebono brakes. A price increase and a brake downgrade ? Maybe they are still Brembos, but with Nissan tags. This will be sorted when we see the actual cars.

Fuel tank capacity and fuel economy both increase slightly. They say the tank has increased in size to 73.8 liters, or about 19 1/2 gallons. The US cars were listed all along with 19.5 gallon tanks. Some of the early press info I have says the car had a 18.75 gallon tank.

One other major part of the update due to be announced December 8th is a 10% price increase in Japan. The base model is up to 8,611,000 yen or about $89,500 more than $13,000 more than what they sell for in the US. Who says we always get the short end of the stick ? Maybe another US price increase in 6 more months ?

So what are the actual changes ? Stiffer brake hoses, the white has been changed to be inline with the white on the Z34(370Z).

The cost of the Super Silver paint is increasing. The color of the wheels is supposed to change slightly. They already had the wheels in two finishes. A silver for the base model, and a darker color for the premium and black editions in Japan. The black edition was not offered in the US. The black edition will be offered with the Dunlop Sport tires, with the Bridgestones as an option. The Dunlops are getting a new, quicker compound for 2009. I wonder if we will see any more Nurburgring runs ?

Nov 16, 2008

I Believe I Can Fly

This is probably not R.Kellys R35 GT-R. It does have a rather large wing. Spotted in Sinapore, posted on GTR UK Forums.

More wing in the right place for a race car. Not so much a street car.

First 10 Second R35 GT-R

From Nagtroc.

The Jotech R35 GT-R has recorded the first 10 second pass in an R35 GT-R. 1.88 60 foot, off the launch control.

The ¼ mile time recorded was 10.956 @ 129 mph seconds (first GTR to break 11 seconds!!!). Oh and get this it was done on 22 inch wheels, three piece wheels. This was done directly after the Hot Import Showdown held at this track – which was an absolutely incredible event that I will not miss in the future. Cliff you did a great job!

Video of the 10 second pass after the jump

More to come soon.

Stock: 420HP / 430TQ
HKS 570 Kit (17 psi): 548HP / 573TQ

Nov 15, 2008

2010 - No Launch Control in the US ?

There have been reports that the Nissan GT-R will not get launch control in Australia. Now the rumor is that the US 2010 GT-R will not have launch control. If this happens, the 0-60 times, and 1/4 mile times will undoubtedly increase. Increase enough to cause some issues I am sure. Like lots of things, I am sure an aftermarket solution for launch control can be figured out, but with the transmission issues that a few people are having, it may not be desired. I spoke of ways to handle the transmission "problem" that Nissan has been having recently. This was mentioned, but I don't think its the correct way to fix the problem.

If its going to happen, what are your thoughts on getting rid of launch control ?

This picture came from the NAGTROC forum on a thread about a broken GR6 transmission and an individual being denied his warranty claim.

New Compound Dunlop Tire Coming in 2010

A new compound Dunlop Sport Tire will be released along with the 2010 Nissan GT-R. The new compound is said to be faster and quieter than the Dunlop Sport that is currently offered on the base model GT-R. 7:26 anyone ?

Coming soon... more information on other changes we may see, and what to expect.

Nov 14, 2008

Zele R35 GT-R At Super Lap Battle

Just parked. The car didn't run this day.

Zele R35 GT-R

Cobb Tuning R35 GT-R at Super Lap Practice

Some quick video of the Cobb Tuning R35 GT-R at Super Lap Practice.

The car was running new downpipes and had a much nicer snarl than the last time I heard the car.

They ended up snapping the propshaft on Wednesday. The quickest time I saw the car do was a 1:56 on Buttonwillow race 13, CW. Thats a pretty fast time, but I think it could be a little quicker.

Cobb Tuning Broken Front Driveshaft

Sorry a little late getting this up. After Time Attack, I helped get Matt Andrews Modified Class Miata to its new home in Texas.

Cobb broke a front driveshaft/propshaft on their R35 GT-R at the Super Lap Battle on Wednesday. It was an interesting break. I think the quickest time they managed to turn on Tuesday was a 1:56.

Interesting break. Not what I would expect.

Nov 10, 2008

R35 GT-R on 18 inch Volk TE-37

From Nagtroc. With stock wheels and tires.
All trackdays were done at my local 2.3 mile track called Mid America Motorplex and my previous best on the street tires was 1:42.8 - We had over 50 cars at the track that day including Z06s, a modded GT3 Porsche and lots of other cool cars and I'm happy to say the GT-R ran the fastest time all day.
Switching to Pilot Sport Cups in an 18 inch
After switching to the 18" TE37s and R-comp tires (my only mod) I returned for one final session last weekend before they closed for the winter. Track temps were really cold and air temps were 34 degrees all day but I managed to better my time down to 1:39.7 which I'm very happy with considering what the Z06s run out here, heh. That's a full 3 seconds quicker on the r-comps, no other changes to the car besides maxing the front camber on the stock arms and re-setting toe to zero.

Who said the stock GT-R tires were real R compounds ?

V8 Rear Wheel Drive Nissan GT-R Silhouette Car Takes Super GT Championship

From a Nissan Press Release. I am not a huge fan of Super GT running a V8 car. It obviously worked out for them, as they won the championship. I would rather see the VR38 or derivative in the car.

Round 9 of the 2008 SUPER GT took place at Fuji Speedway (1 lap: 4.563kms). In light rain, the CALSONIC IMPUL GT-R (No 12 Tsugio Matsuda/Sebastien Philippe), which started on slick tyres after qualifying in twelfth position, took the win. In the series points' battle, the Xanavi NISMO GT-R (No 23 Satoshi Motoyama/Benoit Treluyer) finished 9th, netting the series' championship title. Making its debut this year, the NISSAN GT-R took seven victories from nine rounds, and in the process won the Driver's Championship Title.

Amidst thick clouds, 47,100 fans gathered to witness the title-deciding race. At 2:00pm, low-hanging clouds emitting sprinkles of rain made it a gamble for teams trying to make the optimal tyre choice for the start. Many teams expected conditions to deteriorate, thus choosing intermediate tyres. However, TEAM IMPUL principal Kazuyoshi Hoshino insisted on installing slicks. "I based this decision on my many years' experience racing at Fuji. Matsuda just needed to be patient for the first five laps," he said. Soon after the race started, the rain stopped and water drained off the circuit, as had been expected. Therefore, a lot of teams had to make several pit stops for tyre changes. By the sixth lap, Matsuda in the No 12 GT-R had risen to 2nd place. Thereafter, the No 39 Lexus SC430, which had been running top, was caught and passed on lap 17. Matsuda then held onto the lead, returning to the pits on lap 32 to hand the car over to Philippe. It began to rain again, and Philippe, who had returned to the track on intermediates, immediately ran in the top position.

From this point, the team settled down as they were running with a gap of 30 seconds, concentrating on taking their second victory of the season after their win at the 1000-km event in August at Suzuka. From the front row, Oliveira took the start in the No 24 WOODONE ADVAN Clarion GT-R (Joao Paolo de Oliveira/Seiji Ara), but had drivetrain trouble after coming in for a tyre change on lap 3, immobilising the car in the pit garage for 16 laps. On lap 20 the car returned to the race, and finished in 15th place.

Choosing to run on intermediate tyres at the start, Treluyer took charge for the first half of the race in the No 23 GT-R. An aggressive drive in the unstable conditions saw him rise as high as third at one point. However, from around lap 18, tyre grip decreased and on lap 22, the car came in for new rubber and a simultaneous driver switch to Satoshi Motoyama. During his long stint, Motoyama returned to the pits for another set of tyres along the way. From that point, he saved his tyres and maintained a constant pace as he ran down the laps. During the latter half he picked up the pace a little, running in 9th place to the flag and earning points.

With the 2 championship points for the position, their win in the Driver's championship was put beyond doubt. The No 23 GT-R took a resounding debut win in the opening round of the season, and then followed that up with victory in the 2nd race also. Victory in the race at Auto polis in October (Round 8) made it three wins this season. Satoshi Motoyama returned to the champion's circle for the first time since 2004. The MOTUL AUTECH GT-R (No 22 Michael Krumm/Masataka Yanagida) finished in 11th, while the YellowHat YMS TOMICA GT-R (No 3 Ronnie Quintarelli/Naoki Yokomizo) ended the race 13th.

No 23 GT-R driver Satoshi Motoyama's comment:
"We were able to score three victories in the new GT-R's debut year. We also took the championship title, so it's really been a fantastic season. Because the weight was heavy in the last race, it was a really tough battle, I never expected Benoit to do so well in qualifying yesterday; I also didn't expect to be competing in rain today. Thank you for your support throughout the year."

No 12 GT-R driver Tsugio Matsuda's comment:
"The choice before the start to run on slicks was made by Director Hoshino and the team. This meant everything, and it allowed us to take our second victory of the season. Also, to see the No 23 car secure the championship title made it an optimal day. To all the fans who have supported us so strongly all season long, I sincerely thank you. Next season we will surely take the series' championship. Please continue your support for us next year as well."

NISMO Team Director Yoshitaka Iijima's comment:
"To have achieved our pledge of winning the series championship is a great relief. Today, while watching the movements of our rival teams we avoided risks and concentrated on fighting for the championship. The No 12 car drove a perfect race today, and the Z captured the GT300 championship title. It's really been an incredible day, and a splendid year. To all our many fans I'd like to extend my sincere gratitude. Thank you very much."

R35 GT-R LeMans Edition

Is this a rendering of an R35 GT-R LM edition ?

Rear wheel drive ? Big weight loss ? Maybe a ALMS GT2 car ? Nissan/Nismo has not had much luck at LeMans in the past.

From Nagtroc and Dropjays Blog

How limited will be the real question.

Nissan built 99 of the Lemans Blue R33's, but they were very nearly stock with just a few small aesthetic changes.

Vivid Racing GT-R vs Evo X Video

Vivid Racing recently took the GT-R and EVO X for a drive through some amazing roads to show off the power of this machine. With the Meisterschaft Exhaust, Cobb Tuning AccessPort, and Eibach Springs, this GT-R was menacing on the roads. The Capital Forged wheels wrapped in Pirelli Tires kept us stuck to the road. Each stop we made, a small crowd gathered and chatted us up on the cars. Check out the fast in car footage as we put this GT-R through the paces.

I am not a big fan of their graphics and wheels on their GT-R, but to each their own.

First Blown Up VR38DETT ?

UPDATE: More information on the failure.
According to some posts on Skylines Australia -Haltech is the first one we have heard of to blow up a VR38DETT.

This car was at the Eastern Creek private practise day on Friday 24th. In the 4th session the cars motor blew! It was sitting on the grass and had dropped oil on the track. They canceled the session as a result.

From another thread.

Apparently lost the top of a piston & has damaged the block & several rods.
Rumor or truth ?

Blown up engines are a way of life when dealing with new cars.