Mines R35 GT-R at Tsukuba

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Familiar Best Motoring professional driver Takayuki Kinoshita was lapping Tsukuba in this new GT-R at 1 minute 3 and 4 seconds. This is extremely fast for a stock car without any modifications.

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This was mentioned to me before - GPS based speed limiter. If you are at a track, it will allow you to exceed the speed limiter, if you are on the street, it will not allow you to exceed the speed limiter. If you hack the GPS,and make it think you are on a track, you wont have a speed limiter...

On the street - I guess they took the on the street video down


"Mine's took out their new R35 at Tsukuba today. Managed a 1.03.1 second lap. Very good indeed. I then heard the driver, Kinoshita-san, left the VDC/TC control in "R" mode. Which explained why the car seemed to cut power when exiting corners. With the VDC/TC systems turned to "OFF" this thing will easily lap close to a second faster. 1.02 at Tsukuba is fast for a standard car.....
Engine was probably tight too...they just picked it up last night!"

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