Road and Track - Nurburgring drive, and first LHD drive

Thats a little redundant , but Sams first drive of a left hand drive car.

Road and Track

After the last car pulled into the pits, the GT-R test session came to a close for everyone...that is, except for R&T.

A few months after the Nürburgring event, Mizuno gave me a unique opportunity to sample a left-hand-drive U.S.-spec GT-R. As soon as I took the first corner, it was immediately noticeable that something was different. The handling balance seemed better than that of the previous car — there was more compliance to the shocks and springs and improved steering feel. What's more, ride quality was definitely better. Mizuno said that he slightly retuned the suspension, making it more civil but without sacrificing handling. Also, he noted that the lateral weight distribution of the car is better in left-hand-drive configuration because the driver's weight offsets the weight of the front differential and driveshaft, both located right of center.

That Nissan used the Porsche 911 Turbo as the benchmark for the GT-R is no secret; simply look at the hundreds of spy shots of the masked Nissan, and you'll see a Porsche 911 Turbo close by. Mizuno's aim was to surpass the German thunder car in every category, while keeping the price at just over half of the 911 Turbo's MSRP. We'll find out if he succeeded when the GT-R goes on sale in June 2008 (Japan's on-sale date is December 2007).

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